Thursday, June 17, 2010

my creative space

I'm back :)
I love the Doll Quilt Swap flickr group. I do. I hang out there often looking at all the amazing clever people making little quilts. So when I read over here that it was DQS9 sign up time I raced over and put my application in. It is now so big you need to apply! And I'm in!! Woohoo!! 

So today I thought I'd play with diamonds papers and crayons. Thinking a hand pieced diamond quilt....with linen....not sure if the linen will behave yet. Will do a test block and see. But someone else decided they'd have a play too. So my space is, well, messed up ;)


More spaces at Kootoyoo xox

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

An update and some hexagons...

Good morning! Again, been awhile.
Thanks a bunch everyone for you kind words of support. It has been a hard month. Warms my heart to know you guys are all here cheering me on.

House update : At this stage we will be back in at the start of July. We have great temp. accommodation and school holidays start at the end of this week so no more frigging driving!! Woohoo!! Here is how it looked after they filled the skip bin

Yesterday when I popped in they have the ceiling in and painting has started.

Now for the fun stuff!!

I have been hexing up a storm! Decided to make a 'fire' quilt. Which is just a quilt made while in accommidation by hand lol! I've used black as the back ground, because, well the house was black with smoke. And the charm pack I have used is Blush. It was gifted and sighed 'This one is not smoky, love Fi' Thanks Fi :) 

btw did you see what Fi made me?! Stoked!! LOVE it!!

Crappy pictures. Still no camera so these are taking with the still broken iPhone. Sigh!
It's only little. I'm not completely crazy;) I was thinking of adding some smaller hexies in between the centre blue centre one and the outer ones. Now I'm not so sure. What do you think?

And because I had so much fun hexing those up I made these. 

They will become a story book quilt for the kids! And you all thought I wasn't doing anything ;) xox