Monday, August 31, 2009

organisation and an operation

So we are trying a new thing in our house. It's called organisation. Have you heard of it??

It's new and it's scary....

We're giving this 'organisation' a go because from here until Christmas, less than 4 months away people, we are flat out. And with hubby working away they way he does, our time is worked out in blocks of 3 weeks, so it's like 4 weeks away!

And the other reason is, I'm jumping aboard the operation fat mum slim train. Yes people, I am a fatty. I have four lots of baby fat stacked on top of each other. It isn't pretty and it isn't healthy. So I've made a commitment to my family and myself to live a more healthy life.
So there, now you know.

Why you might ask am I telling you this? Because it will make me more accountable. I'm really good at 'oh I can do that, lets start tomorrow' or 'things aren't that bad' or 'i can't live without chocolate'. Well I'm starting today, things are THAT bad and millions of people live without chocolate and so can I! Enough of my ranting....

So join me if you like. Operation fat mum slim or in trying this organisation thing. Just letting you know whats going on because from time to time I may ramble on about something other than sewing and alike.

Goals for week one :
1. Ride bike 5 times
2. Chocolate is not my friend so stop treating it like one
3. Drink more water
4. Eat more fruits and veggies

Wish me well xox

Friday, August 28, 2009

....more tweaking and a giveaway

Miss 8 has a friend leaving school today so last night I thought I'd wip her up a pencil notebook thingy. Still not 100% happy. I like the brights and the wooden pencils. Little bit big. I have a tendency to over estimate. Getting there!

In unrelated news retro mummy is having a give away. Don't bother entering, lady luck is with me, only telling you all because I get another entry into the! xox

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

.....this afternoon

...some brown owl fun this weekend...

"Hoot Hoot"

What are you doing this weekend?

Are you in the top end?

Do you like to craft, chat and meet new people?

Do you like to chill out, watching the sun set with a cold one? Hey, it is the Territory!

Monday, August 24, 2009

...getting back to 'normal'

Firstly, thank you all so much for all the kind words of support. Last week was horrid and receiving emails, comments and tweets of support has been really, really lovely.

Thank you, thank you, thank you :)

Secondly, what to do in a crisis, sew of course!!

This 'notebook texta roll rap thingy' is a present for Miss 5 friend for his 6th birthday

Party was on Saturday, I made it last night

In my defence, I didn't get the invitation until 4pm on Friday

My pattern, been tweaking and tweaking since Christmas, think I nearly have it right

Thinking of selling them, with the handmade notebooks, what do you think? What do you think people be happy to spend on something like this? Mmmm don't know, being thinking and talking about it since Christmas...xox

Thursday, August 20, 2009's where I'm up too

Making : nothing
Cooking : easy stuff like things that can be opened and heated
Reading : the time travellers wife
Wanting : to feel safe again
Looking : forward to the weekend
Playing : where did I put the car keys
Wasting : time
Sewing : sequins on things
Wishing : we hadn’t been robbed
Enjoying : my beautiful babies
Waiting : for husband to get home
Liking : catching up with friends
Wondering : why the hell we live in this place
Loving : my family and friends
Hoping : things will be normal again soon
Marvelling : at the resilience of children
Needing : time out
Smelling : something in the fridge that isn’t quite right
Wearing : no bra
Noticing : every mob of teenage kids wondering if they are the ones
Knowing : how loved I am
Thinking : about moving
Opening : emails
Feeling : violated

Yes we have been robbed this week. Computer, all my jewelry including my wedding rings, video camera and of course wine and beer in the fridge. Hubby, being the loving supportive husband he is, has already replaced the computer. And as for the sewing machines, all here, along with hubby's ac/dc tickets and a $900 cheque sitting next to the computer.....obviously illiterate criminals who should have been at frigging school instead of robbing me!!
Thanks Pip xox

Thursday, August 13, 2009

my creative space her creative space....

Miss 5 tracing out some Dear Fii Baby Perle's

They are for a birthday present this weekend

Miss 5 did all the tracing and fabric choosing. I did the rest.

Bag pattern is Buttercup by Made By Rae. Supper easy and quick, great for a little girl!

Just waiting to be stufed. Miss 5 wants to do that.....hmmm?!

And here is the progress on Father in laws quilt. Had some issues with the the charm pack (40+ out of 200 were not usable) but I'm getting there.

Pop over here to see more xox

mummy made me do it!

Retro Mummy that is! And husband if you are reading this STOP NOW, it will only end in tears...

I'm sure you all know Corrie has re-opened her shop and I have been doing a little shopping....

My first ever Japanese craft books! Have had these for awhile now. Love love love them! Have yet to sew anything from them. Like Corrie said thou, lots of detailed instructions and there are more than a few I am confident I could do.

Sorry, I don't remember what this on is called, lovely bags, home wares etc. Love the slippers.

Love these little bags, think they will make cute little gifts for the girls friends..

and these too!

Cotton Time!
Heaps of lovely things in here. I asked Corrie what would be a good first Japanese craft book and this was one of her suggestions.

Can't wait to get stuck into this one, will need to do a few others pattern first, after all I don't read Japanese :P

See the little window in the back of the bag!! So so cute!

And this little guy....

and even umbrella's!

And these arrived this week! Aren't they the cutest!

Boy one is bursting at the seams for me to make something out of the patchwork fabric with trains on it, had to fight him off it so I could have a good look!

And these are from spotlight. Belinda posted about them awhile again in true Territory style they have just arrived and I now have my fix.

Husband, if you did read this it is your own fault and I'm not apologising, you were warned! xox

Sunday, August 9, 2009

banana anyone??

Turns out I've been peeling a banana wrong..

Thanks Amanda for showing me the right way! xox

Thursday, August 6, 2009

my creative space

So here is another new project. Father in laws 70th birthday's quilt. Only problem is that is birthday was Monday....!! Anyway hubby has designed it and I'm going to sew it. First time I'm using a charm pack, well 10 packs actually, plus some calico squares. They are Moda Roman Holiday. Pretty excited about the design! Finger crossed it is going to work. Not telling in case it doesn't ;)
Thanks Kirsty for hosting