Thursday, November 25, 2010


I'm busy.
 The kind of don't talk to me, touch me or even look at me kind of busy.
Not even reading any blogs kind of busy!!
Too busy to even tweet kind of busy!!!!!!

We have no clothes in our draws kind of busy.
And we are not even going to talk about the bathrooms......

Popped out to grab the extra table from my partner in crime Mel today. The piles of sewing were taking over the house. There are still piles on the couch and kitchen bench.

Big kid bags

Little kid bags

Loads of little zippers

There has been new, old and different products sewn for market. Still an amazing amount to get through. I have to say. I am really enjoying it.

All of this while hubby is settling into a new job that has him flying all over the NT and away a lot more than at home *sigh* That's life!

So I am sorry if you are worrying or wondering what on earth has happened to me. I am fine :) And there are quite a few emails I need to return so please hang in there and I will get to you asap. I am also very very behind in swaps. Please forgive me. I will get to you too.

Better get off the computer. Build up storm has just hit and it is a doozy! xox