Thursday, March 24, 2011

my creative space

Today. Sewing on binding. Mel made the top and I helped quilt and bind it. I like hand sewing the binding on. It gives me time to think. Currently my head space is a bit like this.....

When will "they" find the magic pill to make fat go away?

If I diet really well for a week, why cant I just wake up skinny?

What IS for tea?

Why is mental illness still so taboo?

If I was diagnosed with any other illness I would have blogged about it already instead of sitting on it for a fortnight. Why is that?

Do people care about other peoples shit or is it nice to live in a blogtopia where everything is shiny and nice?

I do like shiny. 

Is it my new meds making me feel sick or am I acually starting to get sick?

I don't have time to be sick.

Mel's sick.

I could make her some soup but it's still too hot here for that.

When IS dry season going to start??

I really am sick of the rain.

Hope it doesn't rain tomorrow.

Tomorrow is my day off.

What can I do other than post stuff?

Hubby's last day in the office, should have lunch with him.....

......and on it goes ;)

Best I get back to binding before I make all your heads explode

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

My creative space

So I have some news....boy one and small child are going into child care one day a week! That is huge for me. Well, for all of us. I will now have Fridays all to myself. First time in 10 years!!

And of course, they need hats! You would think living up here we'd have hats everywhere...but no. We have quite a shady yard and although you will get burnt, the sun doesn't seem to have the real bite it does down south.

Boys one in pieces ready to sew. The pattern is from Tie dye diva and the hat is reversible!! Yay!

Here's my first attempt finished. Made with spotlight fabric from the stash.

Few puckers but I reckon I've got it sorted now :)

Pop over to kootoyoo to see who else is being creative today xox

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dotty Spotty

Dotty Spotty is all finished :)

Quilted in diaganal lines

Srips of colour on the back so if it's used on the floor it wont show up too much dirt :)

Finished size is about 110cm. Overall happy with it. Still not sold on the unisex thing...
What do you think? Would you call this unisex?

And another do you take good photo's of quilts?! Seriously, I suck at it lol! xox


I must admit.....I was a bit, OK, whatever. We live in a country where my daughters can do or be anything they like. I have the choice to do or be anything I like. We are very lucky...
....then I watched this....
There are still millions of women who do not have that choice.
Who have no choice.

And how is it, I ask you, that women are still paid less?? I know personally there are women in my husbands industry, where women work just as hard, just as long and can still earn less then their male counter parts??
Makes no sense to me....those companies can totally afford it!

So watch the clip.

Thanks Kate for sharing the link of twitter

That is all. Back with a finished quilt later xox

Sunday, March 6, 2011

sunday stash #5

Echino. How I love the :)

I have started a little collection of echino's just for the boy.

Of course it includes the cars. I love the cars! They are one of my all time favorite.

I have told him the once he sleeps in his own bed he can have is own quilt. We are co-sleepers here. But funnily enough, only 2 of the 4 did. The middle 2. So we had a baby and a toddler with us for 4 months! Baby was happy in the cot so stayed there while the boy stayed with us. FINALLY at 4 1/2 has decided he is cool to sleep by himself.
Almost baby years free!! Only one left to toilet train.

But I digress. This is about fabric. Not really sure yet what to do....was thinking wonky square blocks but last night while pinning I remember how much I love these from Film in the fridge. Considering when I took out the fabric to photo the boy one ask if I was making his quilt, then 3 hours later asked if was finished, thinking quick and easy. Or my ears might bleed from the nagging ;)

Oh how I love echino :) xox

Friday, March 4, 2011


Or thank goodness its Friday!! First week on my own with the kidlets in 4 months. Just quietly, bloody hard work. But we survived. And that is awesome ;)

One good thing about the man being away. I dont have to clean his end of the table ;)

Whipped these up last night for my gorgeous friend the cake maker. They are heading south for a holiday and she wanted a zipper big enough for all her boys drawing stuff (and their drawing wraps made by me).

This weekends sew will include finishing Dotty Spotty and making a bag for a birthday party we have on Sunday. Also have a mountain for house work to do...just so you know I'm not a superwoman, 2 baskets of washing overflowing all over the lounge room! I, my dear friends, am not perfect and would rather sew or read a book with my kids than clean.....keeping it real ;)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xox

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

My creative space

Dotty Spotty is all pinned and ready to go!

I'm also working on 3 mega drawing cases for a wonderful friend to take on holidays. And a softie. As it turns out....I am...ahem softie challenged! But I'm determined to finish him!

Hope you are all having a very crafty thursday :) Why not show us? Add you linky in at kootoyoo xox

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Crafty folks :)

Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure in meeting and hanging out with 3 like minded crafty ladies.

Me and my little one, Kirsty, Nikki and Anna down the front. And the little man over the back is Anna's little angle. My boy child took the picture.....hence the fuzzy ;)

One of the hardest things about moving up here was not being able to attend my local craft group (hello ladies, I know your reading) I missed chatting, the company, show and tell and most of all the friendships that come out of craft. There is something extra special about being with a group of people that just get. it. You know?
While blogging has filled part of that void, the thought of meeting regularly with a group of awesome crafters is, giddy silly exciting, jump and twirl and skip and run kind of exciting :) Yes. I am very excited!!
Hopefully next time Mel and Melissa with be able to join us!!

And so you, my gorgeous bloggy friends don't feel like you have missed's some show and tell for you ;)