Tuesday, November 22, 2011

not all Chemo and cancer

There is some crafting too xox

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

3 weeks in....

There has been a few tears, a few melt downs, lots of learning and accepting, loads of talking, and most importantly, lots and lots of smiles and laughs!

Her treatment is going really well. We are back in hospital after a week of being out. 2 weeks of iv antis to come but is just a wee bump. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Maybs and I had been staying at Ronald McDonald house, or Ronnie Mac for those in the know ;) We got to meet Good Charlotte last week as part of McHappy Day! So awesome!

She is such a rock star!!

Maybs decided to dye her hair pink, blue and purple. Seeing as though it is going to fall out, why not have fun!

Maybelle also decided that instead of letting her hair fall out, she'd take control and shave her head when she was ready. Thursday was that day. And I have never ever been more proud. Her strength and courage amazes me every day. She's not perfect oh no! And she's still Maybelle. But her spirit is shining. And that is remarkable!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. The messages, emails, tweets, phone calls, texts etc have been reassuring and uplifting. There is a reason the blogging community is so wonderful because it really is a community.

Very special shout out to Fi, dear dear Fi! You have been a rock. You, my dear, are my super star.

There is a facebook group, ALL about Maybelle if you find it, ask to join and I'll add you. I think that how it works lol!

Much love and gratitude xox

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Thursday, November 3, 2011


Not a word I ever though I would use here but here we go....

Our gorgeous, spirited oldest child, Maybelle, has been diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. It is treatable. It is curable. It is bloody scary. And I can not believe this is happening to her and too us.

What started as her feeling flat, progressed to changes in skin colour and bruising, and now hospital, blood transfusions, bone marrow testing and Chemo. All in a matter of weeks.

It is just plan bad luck. Nothing we did or didn't do caused it. It isn't fair and I'm really pissed that our family has been dealt this. Like we haven't already been though enough!!

But we will march on. We will do what needs to be done. It is a very very very long road ahead of us. Anything from 2-3years of treatment. She will loose her hair. She will be very sick at times but she will always be our Maybelle. Even when the steroid rage kicks in ;)

I'm ok. Kinda, sorta. I know I don't any idea about what's to come. Part of that's ok, part of that is bloody scary. I know I have THE most amazing people around Maybs and I to support and love us through this. We are so bless that under all the crazy that is my family, they are all there. 100% no questions asked. As with my beautiful friends. I already owe a few of you a night on the town and it's only round 1 lol!

In the coming days we'll de setting up a closed facebook group to inform people on mass so the family and I can concentrate on Maybs and her recovery. Once set up, I'll add a link and please feel free to ask to join.

And the little miss herself? She's ok. So much to take in. She knows she has a cancer called leukemia and we have to have Chemo to kill it. The childrens hospital is amazing and I'm sure that has helped her tremendously.

I'll leave you with a picture of her and her new toy......

An iPad!!

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