Tuesday, October 23, 2012


With so many wonderful people helping in raising money for Maybelle's wish to go to The Ellen show, Maybelle was very keen to help too.

I don't know what made me more proud.

The fact that she thought of helping all on her own.

Or the fact that she's making little hexie brooches a la dearfii style. 

Either way, I'm bursting with pride xox

Friday, October 12, 2012

Maybelle's Wish

Maybelle is amazing. She rarely complains about cancer or the treatment. And she hasn't asked for anything. She really is remarkable. She has come to terms with her cancer faster than any of us grown ups.

Dont get me wrong. She is a pre teen. She is not perfect. But for a large part of the time she is extraordinary.

So about 3 weeks ago, when she looked at me and said, I know what I want to wish for. I listened.

And when she said her 'wish was to go to The Ellen Show' asked if she was sure and said ok, we'll try our best. Thats all we can do.

Naturally I tweeted and facebooked. The response has been amazing.

Make-a-wish no longer do overseas wishes, the cost is too much. So we are on our own with the help of hundreds.
And here is how we are doing it!

Cam has designed bags as a fundraiser.
You can pre order them here.

Cam has also designed the little Get Maybelle to the Ellen show logos and we already have business cards thanks to Cam!

We have a facebook page and my dear friend Mel is running a facebook auction.
Donations very welcome as are bidders! Auction is in November, great time to get some Christmas shopping done.

Lisa (also Cameron Solutions) has designed us a webpage!

Our local Rotary, with the help of the local Bendigo banks are running a BBQ at the Ballarat Spring fest next month.

Huge thank you to you all!

And there have been hundreds of others send emails, tweets and messages on facebook. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Our goal is to get 1/2 the family there. $9,000. It's huge. But we will get there. I know we will.

If you want to help, please see the web page, facebook pages or email me. Blogging, liking, sharing all help get attention and help raise money. And if you like, you can email the ellen show directly.

Lets get Maybelle to The Ellen Show!
Thanks so much xox

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

while I was away...

While I was away we have had 3 birthdays in this house. 

7 hospital admissions for 2 different kids.

We have moved house.

Curtains I made for new kitchen

Maybelle hair has grown, fallen out and grown again.

Her treatment has finally reached the less intense 'maintenance' stage.

However this means she can still get sick and land in hospital.

And most importantly....I leant to knit

So folks, what have you been up too? xox