Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Slowly settling

Hello friends :) I've been given a gentle shove to update you all on the land of Bianca Jae. Gentle as in I'll travel 3 hours to your house, stay over night, take pictures for you and then email them to you. Yeah, that gentle, thanks Jules ;)

We have been in Vic now for about 4 weeks. Climate is hard. But we are treating it like the build up. No one is to talk about how cold and horrid it is. We all have to live it. To be fair, kids have acclimatize much faster then me. Sooky la la I am

We have had an extremely busy time. Not just with the normal moving house, settling into school and kinder, unpacking, organising etc. 

We have had family visits, family trips, crafty visits, 2 birthdays and fathers day. Sadly all with out dad.

This little miss turned 3 :)

This little miss turned 8 :)

And what's that?! A baby?! It's Baby CP and he is just devine. Almost makes me clucky enough for another. Almost ;)

And who's this?! Boy one and Little Miss Narioka! 'Helping' with the clips ;)

Julie and Abbe were brave enough to come and visit last week. It was so lovely to have them there for the night. Really did help take the sting out of missing the NT.

I've been working on my grandmothers flowers garden. And also a block of the month stitchery but Jules didn't take any pictures of that ;)

Truthfully, this move has been super hard. We did it in 5 weeks from when the decision to move was made until the last box was off the container. 4 of those weeks I was on my own with the kids. Without the help of beautiful friends and family I would have well and truly ended up in the loony bin. No really. Lock away the key kind of loony. It's been really hard to keep my shit together. It has become kind of all consuming. I know I'll find my feet soon. I know it will get easier. Right now, I'm a little lost and a little lonely. 

So moving is hard my friends. Hopefully soon the dust will settle, we will wind our feet and our family rhythms will return xox

ps happy now girls? ;)