Saturday, April 30, 2011

Still here :)

Yep! I am! Life and stuff keep getting in the way of the computer and I. But I have....oh 15 mins. to fill you in. But on my iPhone.

1. New Meds started for the newly diagnosed but always had bipolar 2. Check!

2. Mum comes to stay for 2 weeks. Check!

3. Dad, stepmum, sister and 2 bothers also come to visit. Check!

4. Husband starts new job. Check!

5. Husbands new jobs takes home overseas with no date on coming home. Check!

6. School holidays survived. Just. Check!

7. Catching up with beautiful supportive friends. Check!

8. Getting all clucky over a beautiful blog friends turned real life friends baby boy. Check!

9. Updated my madeit shop. Check!

10. Made a queen size quilt. Check!

Mums quilt. She decided, as she does, that she'd like to make a quilt while she was up. From my stash, you know, to help me out (really help Hubby out by taking some of the stash lol)

Fabric - Nicey jane by Heather Bailey and some Blue Wrens in ink by Ink and Spindle, kindle donated by Kirsty :)

Mum just loves all the ink and spindle prints but given that she is a get in and get it done kinda lady (I know! Not like me at all) there was no chance of her waiting for yardage. I was a little unsure of the combination, I like things to match, but I think it's perfect! And it looks great on her bed :)

Pattern is from material obsessions book 1, with a few wee changes including adding at extra row. Very easy to assemble and lightly quilted with straight lines.

So. Anything you want to fill me in on? Any news or, you know, plain old life you want to share? xox

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