Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Creative Space

The truth....
starting to freak out a little....
This is my kitchen bench. Piles of binding and fabric. A flower girl shoe that needs repair. A big pile of pieces of flower girl dresses needing to be sewn up, mmm like yesterday, and I don't even know where the quilts are....
Yep. Adrenaline kicking in....and I love it! lol!

More adrenaline junkie creative spaces over at Kirsty's xox

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Sample of what's on its way to Sydney.
Please continue to talk amongst yourselves , I must get back to the machine, 2 dresses and 2 quilts to finish in 7 days....all while staying married ;) xox

Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Creative Space

This week I have new fabric to play with!


They are the cutest lot of Japanese prints yet! Little red riding hood and wizard of oz are my new absolute favorites!! 
All from Retro Mummy and I'm sorry to say she has sold out on some of these :(

So, all of these are in the process of being cut up ready to make into wraps. For Corrie. Who is going to take them to Mathilda's Market. And Handmade Market, Canberra. And Allie's Attic. And anywhere else she is going to be this year!!!!!!! YAY!!
And that my blogging friends is my news. I am very very excited!!! Obviously I don't live where a lot of the handmade action is happening and it is so wonderful that Corrie is happy to take them with her. And, fingers crossed, you may even see me in Sydney this year with Corrie!! That would be totally awesome!!

Now I'm off to cut, sew repeat (and the flower girl dresses are drafted...that's a start!)
More creative spaces over here. Thanks Kirsty :) xox

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I've joined weight watchers.
Just so you know.
That is all. xox

Monday, February 15, 2010

:: update on my baby ::

Thanks so much for all the comments about my beautiful, treasured iphone. Good news is we have handset insurance, bad (crazy) news is that hubby took it in the the phone carrier, who then told him to go home and fill out an online claim form, then they will contact us and tell us where to take the phone.....mmmm. 
 What in the world happened to customer service??!! We choose this carrier over the 'big' one because when we were shopping around I asked about contracts etc. the dude at the shop just jumped online and did the same thing I could do at home. Had no idea on the product or contract!! Madness!! At least when I was shopping for my sewing machine the ladies in the shop were polite enough to tell me it was a new model and they didn't know a whole lot about it. We even sat down and learned things about the machine together.
Incredibly frustrating to walk into a shop, wanting to know more about a product or service and you know more than the person 'serving' you grrrrrrrr!
Ok rant over!

So thank you :) And I do apologies for not replying to all the comments. I do love comments and I try to reply to them all but at the moment life is pretty crazy and time has not been on my side.

Now. Sewing. Waiting for batting to arrive from Corrie for the quilts so this week I'm working on the flower girl dresses. I must send out a massive THANK YOU to the lovely Lisa at the Princess and the Monkey. I couldn't get the pattens here so Lisa was so very kind in popping in to her local spotlight and then sending them too me :)

And the wedding is 4 weeks this Saturday. And we fly out in 16 days.....ekkkk! I also have other news but I'll tell you about that next time. Exciting stuff for Bianca Jae Makes Stuff! I'm going to be very very busy over the next few weeks. Sleep is soooo over rated anyway ;) xox

Friday, February 12, 2010

....a very sad day

My baby broke my baby...
...can't. even. talk...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Creative Space

Second top finished!

I left a few of the squares whole instead of piecing as they are just too lovely to cut up.
Really happy with how it is looking.

Today I'll be working on the backing. This one will have a pieced back. I removed one of the rows as it was so much bigger than the other and time is not my friend, so that will go on the back, along with some scraps left over. Have heaps of fabric left.

In other news...hubby is on his way to Melbourne.
In case you have been living under a rock for the last 6 months, AC/DC start their Australian tour tonight, and hubby just had to go. Seriously a massive fan. Not creepy massive, but massive enough that he tried to get tickets to the Brisbane concert too. Good thing he didn't get them or he'd be on the couch for a month. He also wanted to name our only boy Angus...didn't happen!! Me? Not a fan. Have an understanding and appreciation for them. And I like to stir hubby up! 

So here is 'our' AD/DC song. He used to sing it to me when we were, mmm, dating if you can call it that! Check it out! They are so young and now they are so old lol! xox


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

...quilt top

First top done!

Funny. I thought I'd like the other one, with the love fabric, but this is my favorite. Not sure why. Maybe it's these little guys...


Aren't they cute!?! And so tiny!! I didn't even know they were there until I started piecing. My sister and hubby are bird people. Canaries, peacocks and hens, white and blue, chooks, finches plus the dogs....they are dog people. They have fur kids. 

Back tomorrow with the other one xox

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Happy customer's :)

Here are 2 little people enjoying their wraps that received as presents for Christmas.

Miss almost 3

Master 5

They  used the wraps in the car as they drove from Darwin to Perth!! YES!! That is some drive. There mum tells me they were a life saver...makes me warm and fuzzy :) Really nice to know that someone else thinks they are as awesome as I do. 
If you have any pictures of your kids enjoying their wraps flick me an email. Would love to see!

Best get back to the machine. These quilts aren't going to sew themselves. Hopefully I will be back tomorrow with the both tops finished! xox

Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Creative Space

A week already?
Last weeks cushions are almost completed! I do have one left. He will have to wait. 
Those of you that have been reading for a while may remember that I am a brides maid for my sister. Well the wedding is....welllll....really really close. Like we leave 4 weeks!?!!!! And well, I need to make the flower girl dresses. 2 of them. And well.....I also need to make a quilt.....or 2 before than too......!!!!!!!!!!!! (hopefully my sis doesn't read my blog, if you do, look away now) Good news is hubby has next week off, for ACDC, works 6 days and is then home until April! YAY!

So as you can imagine the next few creative spaces will be all about sewing for the wedding. Starting with the quilts...

These are 2 5" charm squares from retro mummy. Botany by Moda. Sewn up into groups of nine, and then will be sashed in white...

and this fat set of Amy Butler's "Love" that will be made up into this. Thinking with some of the bigger prints that I will just cut 11" squares. I was so excited when the postie came yesterday I stopped cleaning just so I could iron them lol! Fabric is from Fat Quarter Shop

So 2 weeks I'm giving myself to finish the quilts...both of them! Madness?! We'll see...

Pop over to Kirsty's for more spaces xox

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

shop update



This little beauty is off to the shop!
And there is loads more there. Just in time to keep those kidlets left at home entertained!
Especially if you are a lady that lunches ;) xox

Grown ups only!

When hubby and I first moved in together we were still at uni and poor. Like we went to the op shop and got free furniture poor. Shorty after we got pregnant and went from uni poor to uni with kid poor. And then we had more and more and more kids! So for a long time we didn't have time or money to play 'house' and have extras stuff around like cushions....
Now we do!

They match our couch so well!

And yes, they are for grown ups only. Mine is the brown one and hubby's in the green and orange one lol!

Thanks for all the lovely comments and support! I love getting comments and feed back on what goes on in this little space of mine. And a big "Welcome" to the new readers our there :)

Better go, a parcel just arrived from Corrie!!!!! Woohoo! Quilting here I come!!! xox