Thursday, January 28, 2010

It's BACK!

Right! Stop what you are doing, pop the kettle on, and get comfy...
My Creative Space it BACK for 2010!
Oh how I have missed seeing what you all are up too. And it seems like a lot of you have too!

So today's space is brought to you by....
the kitchen bench :)

 Fabric left over from the cushions, waiting to be made into more cushions....

A cushion top and more 9" squares to be sewn up to cushions...

And from over my bench is this little guy's creative space - playing with Thomas!
First day back at school today for the big girls!
Happy times :)

Pop over here for more creative spaces YAY! xox

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Australia Day

I love my country
We are the lucky country
And I am proud to be Australian
And, well, proud to be a Territorian
Today is a lot of thing
Different things to different people
Some feel the need to wave our flag....alot
Some go to the Big Day Out or sit around listening to the hottest 100
Some love the day off to watch the cricket or the tennis
Some have a beer and a barbie with a mate
Some hang out at the beach and walk around in thongs
And some morn a life lost, a history lost, a generation lost
Whatever you do today, enjoy you loved ones and celebrate our wonderful country. And also remember, just for a moment, what the history of today really is...

Happy Australia Day xox


Two matching cushions....which I made and then accidentally sold!
Not to worry, I have more fabric and will be making more today for me to keep.
Just wont be putting pictures on facebook in case I accidentally sell those too ;)
Easy peasy :)
For a 41cm insert. Just cut 4 x 9" squares, 2 x 17 1/2" by 13" for the envelope back, sew up the squares, hem 1 long side on both backing pieces (I folded over a 1/2" then 1/2" again), lay down right sides together, sew, trim corners and ta-da! Easy peasy cushion cover!

How did you go? Did you make a cushion and find your sewing mojo?
I did! Woohoo!! Oh and I even made a skirt! xox

Edit : Sorry! My bad! Cushion is 41cm. Went to spotty, got more cushions and when I got home, too big! So 41cm or size 16.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Try saying that 5 times fast!
How goes your weekend? Mine, last one before school starts on Thursday!! Woot Woot!!! Really, I love my kids, I just love them more when they are at school ;) I love our school routine.

Lisa and I were tweeting last night and she too has been suffering from 'lost sewing mojo'. So we having a little sew along to get things moving. What to join in?! Go on! Don't think about it. Grab something out of your stash and just do it. You know there is enough fabric in there ;)

So what are we making? A cushion cover! Easy peasy! Lisa has the same Aunty Cookie panel and if she can find it she is using that and I'm using some lovely fabric from Belinda that I won in her give away...

I'm just going to wing it but if you would like here are a few links to get you started, no zips or buttons but if you want to use them go right ahead! You could also do a pin cushion! Quick and easy. Nothing to tricky. After all we are trying to find our sewing mojo, not run it completely out of town!

So go! Raid your stash and get sewing. You have 48 hours! Make sure you let me know if you are joining us xox

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


All tidy! Woohoo!
Gotta love inspections, 5 hours of cleaning and tidying for a 5 min walk through!

In other news....
I have been suffering. Terribly.
I have lost my sew mojo.
Yep, gone :(
I have read blog after blog, book after book and mag after mag hoping I would find it. But no...
I even forced myself to find it and just sew something to see if that would work. But no....




So I am without my sewing mojo...
If you happen to see it can you please return it? I miss it :(
Panel from Aunty Cookie and blocks from Blockage xox

Thursday, January 14, 2010

shops open!

Yep it is so go and buy stuff!
Or not, either way I'll still love you ;)

Turns out my little shop did quite well. Between madeit, orders from friends and family and swaps I made over 80 wraps in 2 months!!!!!! I was thinking maybe 1 or 2 at the most a week lol! So I'm pretty please....and a little tired ;)

In other news, this is why there has been a lack of sewing around here...

Fear not! It WILL be clean, tidy and in use by the weekend! We have a 3 monthly inspection tomorrow. Gotta love renting...not!
So I must go and clean something...or have another cup of coffee...and read some more blogs....xox

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

check this out!

Not much going on over here. Lots of Lego play and hanging about. And we have rain. Lots and lots of rain. But you just have to check this out...

Image from here

Isn't he fabulous!! My lovely real life friend Jacquie and her boys made it!! So clever!! So pop over the Jacquie's and say 'Hi' to their robot scarecrow xox

Monday, January 11, 2010

best . santa . present . ever

I'm sure if Santa could hear that he would be very pleased with himself. I know I would be ;)

Miss now 9!! Yes 9!! Where did that time go?! Anyway, she loves her new Lego :)

 The front porch, it even has a light. Love the little tiles.

A pond with a duck and even a pizza oven

Out the back there is even a tap!

Looking, looking....

...oh there he is! A little man visiting from one of Dad's old Lego sets!

For anyone that is interested this is the set Miss 9 got.

I see much much more Lego in this house! xox

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy New Year!

Hi there! Long time! Hope you have all had a wonderful festive season. Between the crazy last minute Christmas organising, sewing and posting, like the day before!!, and then visitors from down south I have been away longer than I realised.
And I have missed you guys!!

Here's a wee bit of what I have been up too. No crafting or sewing though!

Happy snaps from Christmas. Turns out, it's tricky to take a photo of the whole four of them lol!

Miss now 9!

Miss 6 in her Retro Mummy Christmas dress

Mr. 3. Not a hope of getting him to hold still!

Little one in her Retro Mummy Christmas dress. She too didn't sit still!

And she is now walking!! And climbing!! Ekkkkk!!

We all had a lovely time. My darling hubby even came home 2 days before as a surprise. I ended up being very sick the week before.

New years....
beer pong....
not going to share pictures....ever!

So if you got a text from me, I'm really sorry. It was that silly American games fault ;)

We had almost 2 weeks with one of our closest and dearest family friends from down south, including New Years. We are already missing them like crazy and hanging out till March when we can see them again.
Hard sometimes living in this amazing place yet having so many of our friends and family in Vic. That's life!

2 of my favourite girls in the whole world...

the whole wonderful family....

and 3 of ours and all of theirs.

We have had the best time!