Thursday, July 30, 2009

my creative space

Sewing on sequins and ...

thinking of creative ideas on how to get out of sewing more sequins on things for calisthenics.......xox

Sunday, July 26, 2009

'i made this' and i didn't make that

Hey! Hows your weekend? We have been pretty busy. Baptism, birthday party, Darwin show and that was just Saturday!! And of course, in true disorganised Bianca style, I left the present making until mmmm 11 Friday night! And I didn't have a cushion insert. I ended up making one ater talking to Jacquie. Thanks for that!

Sorry about the blurred pictures, lens was all smudgy

Pip at meet me at mikes is having a giveaway if you haven't heard. Show her and us what your have made to go in the draw.

And I didn't make these...

but I wish I could! Aren't they cute!! My friend Carolyn makes and sells these. Not only do they look amazing but they taste incredible! Check her out.
Girls can't wait for their birthdays! xox

Friday, July 24, 2009

swap and that book

Hi there! Been awhile. Hubby back at work after 4 weeks home. Always really, really hard for us when he goes back. Kids are back at school!! I just can't hide my excitement!! I love all my babies, but 4 weeks of holidays is just. too. long! Can't believe I seriously thought we could home school. Hats off to those who do.

Heaps of sewing going on here, most of which I can't show you. Partly because they are surprises and partly because I forgot to take photos.....sometimes I wonder about me!

I do, however, have pictures of my swap I received from Kelly! So excited! Bit like Christmas really!

Lovely apron, fabric, love the boy one, I don't have enough boy prints, handmade card, 4 spotty buttons, and my favorite thing a gorgeous flower fabric brooch!

Isn't it lovely! I have even brought some more plain tops to wear with it.
Love it! Thank you Kelly!

In other news, I have a new obsession, Twilight. I haven't read a real book for like 10 years. And I'm hooked! Good thing hubby is at work because everything in the house has stopped for the last 3 days while I read the first one. Going into big town tomorrow to get the next one. Does he, doesn't he??!! Too much! NEED to know NOW. This is why I stopped reading. Consumes me too much lol! It's this lady and this lady's fault if hubby asks :P Better go and do some house work before I get the next one....! xox

Thursday, July 16, 2009

because one isn't enough

Another "Pepper". This one is still called Pepper

Softies are starting to grow on me!

And another "Zet" or as boy one calls him the "friendly scary monster"

Boy one had a complete melt down because he didn't have a softie. Like, would not go to bed until he had one too. So, hour later, here he is! He choose the fabrics and button, not too bad.

Now hubby wants one too!! xox

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


.......her happy...... not happy.......

Sunday, July 12, 2009

back with some softies to show

"Hello Zet"

I'm back! Bloody hell I hope we never have gastro in this house again! 5 out of 6 were sick, littlest one was spared. One full week of sick people. Not cool. Sometimes I kid myself and think that 4 kids is easy peasy and a family 0f 6 is 'normal', after last week I have realised we are not 'normal' and 4 kids is plenty enough for me (husband, time to visit the vet).

Anyway that little guy is Zet from Australian Homesewn. Not the greatest pic, was running out the door when I took it. He was a present for a friends little boy. I made him from cord. Love it. Think this is how I will use up some of my stash, no need for it here, too hot!

...and "Hello Foo Fii"
formally known as "Pepper"

When I saw here what was coming in last months Homespun I knew I was going to make one. I cheated, as husband put it, brought the kit from the lovely dear fii. Who I should add is incredibly generous. There was a tiny delay in the kit arriving and Fi was very kind in sending something extra as an apology, completely not need, and lovely all the same!

I just love her! Been a very long time since I have done french knots and daisies. Lovely to sit and stitch with the kids. And, shhh don't tell anyone, it is the first time since high school I have used felt! Shock! And I love it!
Still not sure if softies are my thing, time will tell.

And because little miss 5 asked so nicely, Foo Fii has a sling so her baby and blankie can go everywhere with her, and she does!

Happy! xox

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Or be right back.

Things around here have taken on a whole new level of crazy. We have had mum and sis visit.....rats visit.....friends visit....friends that visited had nits (treated once they got here and realised).....too many late night and too many beers.....a mouse inside.....mice outside..... 3 out of 4 kids very sick with gastro.....hubby still dying of gastro.....20 thousand million loads of washing.....rats have returned to visit.....shit still all over the front and.....real estate agent coming on Thursday.

Oh and did I mention that the NT has 4 weeks holidays. Now. In the middle of the dry. So kids are driving me mad.

And I almost forgot, the crackers just keep going off so boy one is sleeping with me as he is terrified of the crackers.....

So I'll be right back once the super crazy has end and the normal crazy has returned.

Now, I'm off. Back to looking up divorce lawyers, adoption agencies and just how much do you need to drink to get discount shares in liquorland?!?

PS I will still be over here though if you miss me too much xox

Friday, July 3, 2009

....and the winner is....

Yes, I'm a few days late! We have had very unwelcome visitors in our shed!! RATS!! Yuck! So our yard has look like a bomb has gone off all week. And we now have visitors of the friendly kind. Friends from Pine Creek. Lovely!

So says no. 10. Catherine is the winner! And because I there was so much blog love for mums giraffe I thought I would send some back! So says 16. Duyvken is the winner! So ladies please contacts me with your details and I will post them out asap!

Now, I'm off. I have a date with my sewing machine! xox