Friday, December 18, 2009

handmade christmas

Hi there! How's the shopping going?! Me. Not finished, shopping or making!! But here are a some of the handmade lovelies that will be given this year :)


These are from the lovely Lisa from the princess and the monkey. We did a swap and I love it them! Can't wait for Mr. 3 to unwrap it. Awesome idea!

Also from Lisa. Brought a set for family friends. Fantastic idea for a family present!

From super Susie of Flower Press. Susie even wrapped it, wrote on a card and posted it to my mum!! How totally awesome is that!! Beautiful!!

AuntyCookie ABC for blockage

These are so awesome!! Better then I imagined!! I got a custom set for Mr. 3 with his name on them. Love them. Seriously love them!

ABC Panels RED

And this is matchy matchy to the blocks and WILL be a cushion before Christmas. Of course it's from Aunty Cookie :)

Image of Hair pin set 1

Image of Rings - Fuchsia pink or pale pink

All from beautiful Belinda at tuttifruiti designs! The big girls are getting a ring, hair pins and hair clip tidy each. I'm getting a pair of earings :) So cute!

the sewing continues

Miss 1 and Miss 6 are getting Christmas dresses from my new BFF Corrie ;) And I'm, well, getting some more fabric!

Image of {Rainbow} pincushion brooch

For ME!! The delightful Miss Fii even wrapped it for me :)

So that's it so far. I don't think santa took the handmade pledge! Just as well really ;)
Still have 6 cushions, 2 sets of Christmas buntings and a table runner...think that's it. Oh and 5 more wraps! But don't tell hubby, told him I was done for the year shhhhhhh! xox

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Yes, I'm plugging myself again! While I have closed my shop for the holidays, if you pop over here there are 4 for sale. If you get in quick, the fabulous Corrie can get it to you before Christmas!!
Quick sticks, off you go xox

EDIT: ALL sold! Thanks peeps :)

...and the winner is....

Mr. Random dude says 26
So I'm posting the last of my orders today. Madeit shop is now closed until next year.
I'll be back tomorrow with some regular posting...xox

Friday, December 11, 2009

Teachers pet

These notebooks were given to the girls class room teachers today. They were made at 4.30 this morning...yes I am reliving my final year of high school again and pulling all nighters to get stuff done! The pattern for the covers come from here. I have made so many of these now. Quick and easy! Just how I like it.

In other news the kids are changing schools, by choice instead of a work move. We are now part of the Steiner community. Home birth and Steiner education...does this make us hippies?? I wonder...;)

Don't forget to pop in the Allies Attic Market tomorrow and say hi to Corrie

Now, back to my sewing machine. Only 10 wraps to go....I think! xox

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

in a bit?? a bit turned into next day! Oops! I really am sewing like a mad woman. Custom Christmas orders need to be done and posted Friday!! And if you were thinking of buying something from madeit, please please do it asap so it makes it in time. I will express post sales next week if needed but after that, they will not make it!

And these wraps are the last I am adding to the shop before Christmas :)

Want to win one?? Well comment here and I will draw on the weekend. That's it, your choice from anything still in the shop :)
Now I'm back to the machine, won't be stopping until they are done! xox

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

...too market

Not me. Not this time.
These wraps are heading to Sydney!!

Very excited! Corrie from Retro Mummy is going to have them on her stall at Allie's Attic on the Saturday! This Saturday! So if you are in Sydney, pop in and say 'Merry Christmas' to Corrie. She is very lovely you know. And she will have my wraps, loads of fabulous fabric and gorgeous dress!
I'll be back in a bit with my last minute Christmas listings in my madeit shop and another giveaway!! xox

Thursday, December 3, 2009

my (un)creative space

Not much creativeness hanging out here today. Not even a pile of love new fabrics can get me going.
See hubby went to work last Monday for his 12 day stint and within hours of him leaving, I had sick kids. First one, then two and now 3. Nasty colds, thank goodness, not the gastro Miss D had last week. Still, at this time of year, it sucks. And having hubby work away the way he does, sucks. And I have four kids and somedays that sucks too. Not the kids, the work in caring for them ;)

So here is my real creative space, no blog ready, just reality...

Sitting at the kitchen table, drinking tea, hanging out online. While there is a mountain of washing to folded and put away, table to clear and tidying to be done. Yes the remote is on the table as the telly is just out of shot, so I can change for ABC2 to DVD's a boy ones command.
And up the back is my sewing machine, hiding behind all that crap.

So there, the uncreative ugly truth of my space this week
Other much more creative and interesting spaces over here xox

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

On the first day of Christmas... true love gave to me, a boy who likes to climb trees!
Well, by the time I post this is will be the second day, so just ignore the date on the post :P

So after a bit of tweeting on Monday, I decided at, like 4 in the afternoon, that we really should have a handmade advent calender. Crazy right?! So I jumped on the net, went to whip up, searched and saw this post. I really really wanted to make a garland with little bags or stocking but that just wasn't going to happen this year. Instead I decided to make a paper cone garland! Inspiration came from here.

And here is how The Wood Family made a paper cone advent garland!

Take 2 very eager and excited girls and a box of art work. Recycling is always good!

Add in a brother and lets start to write out numbers.

Meanwhile mum is rolling the 24 cones!

Cut out all the lovely numbers and stick them to the cones.

Line them all up and make sure we didn't miss any.
Then punch holes in them, thread with string, hang on the wall and fill with threats...
Well, turns out, I can't hang them up on my own!!  Miss 8 and I tried to stick and blu tack but no. Needs magic sticky on hooks and hubby to help. So we will have to wait until the weekend to hang them. But they are done!! We did it!! Woohoo!!
So as soon as they are up, I'll post pictures, promise! xox