About me

Hi there! Thank you so much for popping in :)

I'm Bianca, a stay at home mum to 4, who had there first baby at 21. Big girl is 10, little girl is 7, boy one is 4 and small one, a girl, is 2. I'm a wife to one amazing geologist who is sometimes sleeps here.
We currently live in the top end of Australia. Beautiful, tropical, amazingly laid. We have also lived in Victoria and Tasmania. One dayh will will return to Vic to be closer to family. I love them dearly.

I love to quilt. I sew all sorts of other stuff. I am learning crochet and am keen to improve my knitting. I used to smock. I love fabric. And am trying to make 2011 the year to sew the stash.

I also sell stuff from time to time.

Blogging....what can I say about blogging? It's amazing! I had a very active craft/sewing group down south and moving away from that was harder than leaving our families. To have the community of people that craft is very unique and blogging is like that only bigger and different and sometimes better. Imaginary friends my hubby calls you guys. But in reality there are a lot of bloggers out there that are now my real friends :)

So thanks for taking the time to read about me! xox

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