Monday, December 20, 2010


with last minute Christmas orders....

Notebooks, zippers and chalk board roll :)

Wraps :)

More Wraps :)

Plus Teacher gifts......

Teachers gift no.1. Small girl had this teacher for 2 years, so she got something a little bit special. 
Happy Mug rug :)

Front - school of course with all the little kids faces (I thought I was pretty clever lol)

And the back :)

Teachers gift no. #2 Notebook :)

And finally starting family presents.....

Family present no. 1

Family present no. 2

I have the massive express post bag at the ready. Only half a dozen or so to go and get in the post mmmmm tomorrow lol!!

How are you all going with your handmade Christmas? Are you organised for the big man on the weekend?
Clearly. I am not xox


I'm only telling you because I have to.......
but my 'dealer' is having a massive giveaway......
See. I even made the picture small. So please, dont enter, its all mine ;) xox
(oh and if I dont win it, I would be stoked if it was one of you folks and not some random giveaway seeking person, you know the types)
(Sad thing is even if I dont win I will most likely by the lot anyway....shhhhhh dont tell Mr Makes Stuff lol)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

pimpin' my stuff

How rude! Long silence then popping back for a quick buy my stuff post, then off I go to sew some more! 
Terrible I know but I'm doing it anyway ;)


Helicopter Drawing Wrap - your choice, texta's, pencils, double ended pencils or extra thick ones :)


Big boy bag - enough room for a big drinker, zipper purse (although big boys dont call them purses) and other important boy stuff they just HAVE to carry around. Made for 5 plus 

Little kid bag - big enough for a little kid drinker, zipper purse and other important kid stuff. Mine carry rocks. Made for 2-5 yr olds. Soft and washable. Kids are gross after all ;) 

All made and ready to express post out! Let me know if you are interesting and I can set up a madeit listing for you :) Too easy!

I WILL be back next week with all the other things I have been secretly sewing....I have been very busy ;) xox

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Market wrap up!

Just like that, it's all over!
What an amazing weekend we had!! Lots of chatting and laughing. Lots of wonderful customers that were really positive and excited about handmade!
It was really exciting to have people buy my stuff. Serious fun! Even though I have been selling for awhile now, online is very different to having someone stand in front of you and love what you do enough to hand over their hard earned money. I like it. I like it a lot.

Little zippers. Priced a little to high for that kind of market. Will be listing some on madeit later today :)

Mel's G O R G E O U S skirts!!
The Six Little Heart dresses were a massive success!! Sold out on the first day!!

Six Little Heart's boy shorts. Made at home by the marvelous Mel.

Lots of stock sold. Lots of business cards giving out. Even did some swaps with the wonderful family behind us selling rainbow play ribbons, capes and giant star crayons. Ost & Found, keep an eye out for them! Made at home in the top end of cause :)

I have learnt lots of things. Leaving things too the last minute may help me sew up a storm but it doesn't work for the family. It has been a really hard slog for them. I have done nothing, and I really do mean nothing the week of the market.

Also. Craft markets in Darwin are just that. Still a little old fashion. Good news is there are now a few of us that at looking to do something more up market. Like what you mob are lucky enough to have down south. Darwin has always had a passion for handmade and I think there are now enough bright sparks to tap into that wonderful pool of makers.....
to be continued...... xox

Thursday, November 25, 2010


I'm busy.
 The kind of don't talk to me, touch me or even look at me kind of busy.
Not even reading any blogs kind of busy!!
Too busy to even tweet kind of busy!!!!!!

We have no clothes in our draws kind of busy.
And we are not even going to talk about the bathrooms......

Popped out to grab the extra table from my partner in crime Mel today. The piles of sewing were taking over the house. There are still piles on the couch and kitchen bench.

Big kid bags

Little kid bags

Loads of little zippers

There has been new, old and different products sewn for market. Still an amazing amount to get through. I have to say. I am really enjoying it.

All of this while hubby is settling into a new job that has him flying all over the NT and away a lot more than at home *sigh* That's life!

So I am sorry if you are worrying or wondering what on earth has happened to me. I am fine :) And there are quite a few emails I need to return so please hang in there and I will get to you asap. I am also very very behind in swaps. Please forgive me. I will get to you too.

Better get off the computer. Build up storm has just hit and it is a doozy! xox

Friday, October 29, 2010

too market...

And my big news is.....I'm doing a market!! Yes a real life one!! Here in Darwin!! So exciting and a little scary!!
What if people don't like my stuff? What if people don't like me? What if people like me and not my stuff? What if they like my stuff and not me?
What if I don't sell a thing!? What if I sell out!? Ahhhhhhh!!

But I'm doing it anyway :)
So, details!

Christmas Craft Fair

held in the
Abala Road, Marrara
(near Darwin Airport)

Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th
December 2010

9am to 4pm both days

Over 80 stalls of locally handmade
quality arts and crafts

$2 entry for adults, children free
Food and drink available
Lucky door prize both days

And the bestest bit?! I'm sharing the stall with Mel from Six Little Hearts!! YAY!!
Mel makes super cute kids clothes. We have already had a blast fabric shopping and planning. Although there does need to be A LOT more sewing!!

So tell your friends! Come and see Mel and I in real life!! Buy some fabulous handmade lovelies!
I'll have bags, drawing wraps, little pouches just to name a few!
Pictures to come later. Once I've sewn stuff lol! xox

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Blogtoberfest?! More like blogtoberless lol! I crack me up ;)

So long time no post! Ms Copper Patch and I had a wonderful time. Lots of talk, laughing, sewing and shopping!!

Boy one took quite a shine to her :)

Abbe named a hill. This shall now be known as Abbe's Pimple!

She is pregnant you know so there was no silly business. Well, none on the wine induced kind ;)

Gosh she is a messy chick!

But very handy to have around! 3 quilt tops made ready for me to quilt :)
And Ab's even folded up my washing for me!! A big job indeed! Hoping I can return her the favour once baby CP arrives! Squeal! I love babies :)

We also took a drive out to Kirsty's. I wanted to show Abbe's her gorgeous work. Plus her very territory house complete with fabulous outside shower and loo!

 I just love her style and use of colour! Very clever chick :)

Beautiful quilt made by Melissa for Kirsty's 40th earlier in the year

Everywhere you look, there is something wonderfully bright and hand made :)

Thank you Ms Copper Patch for coming all this way to hang with me and my crew. You are super star that will be one totally awesome mummy! I miss you already

So as you can see I have had a tone of stuff to blog about. Just, you know, real life and all that.

And I have some exciting news too!! I will share tomorrow, promise xox

Sunday, October 17, 2010

silver lining

After the fire, many of you already know, I had to replace ALL of my Tupperware.
Yes. ALL of it.
It was a hard job ;)

My happy place :D
And no, it didn't look anything like that pre fire!
Almost worth the drama. Almost xox

Saturday, October 16, 2010


One more sleep until Ms CP is here!!!!

She's up the duff you know {big happy I love babies face}!

And she is bring me a whooooooole lot of fabric!!!!
Oh I do love her teehee xox

Friday, October 15, 2010

swap follow up

Good news! My DQS9 made it safe and sound! Yay!
Pop over here to see it!!

I have also received my Urban home goods swap. Actually, I received it weeks ago but haven't had the chance to blog it ;)

I love it all! So lucky!!

Sewing machine cover :)

Super sized pin cushion and dish cloth

And also 4 coasters which I forgot to get a photo of lol! I try and remember to do it later.

Thanks to all the swap organises. It is so lovely to be apart of these swaps. Really lovely community feel about it :)
oh and 2 more sleeps until my visitor is here!!!!! WOOOHOOOOO!!! xox

Thursday, October 14, 2010

my creastive space

I made muffins! First time I have baked since being home! Yay!

Mango and white chocolate. YUM!

I kinda used this recipe. Kinda. Left out the banana. My visitors enjoyed them.

Also have had some fabric arrive this week.
Some from retromummy. My husband now refers to Corrie as my 'dealer' ;)

And some wonderful hand printed aussie made from Yardage.

I couldn't resist her tea towel either ;)

More spaces over here xox

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

self portrait for blogtoberfest

Yep! Thats me! Waving 'hi!' No make-up. No editing. Taken just now as I sit here blogging.
Keepin' it real people xox

blog friends

Yes. I made more blogland friends into too real life ones!

A few weeks ago I meet up with Kirsty and Melissa. Sisters in stitching and in real life.
Melissa has a lovely home full of wonderful hand made things

Including these lovelies

Isn't Melissa clever!? So gorgeous!

We had a lovely home grown lunch. It was so wonderful to share time with ladies that sew and craft. There is soming super special about crafty bloggers don't you think?!

I'm so excited that these two lovely ladies are coming to my house tomorrow for lunch! Yay! Although I can guarantee that there will be no made beds and clean rooms.