Saturday, November 28, 2009

...and the winner is....

Mr Random generator dude says no. 9!!
Congratulations Sally!
Thank you all so much for you generous comments and encouragement.
...But wait...
Stay turned for another giveaway in the very near future :)

Friday, November 27, 2009

Last chance!

That's right, last chance to enter my giveaway! Quick! Blog and/or tweet for extra chances!
And the 30th November is also the end of the my sponsorship of Mel's gorgeous blog. So the introductory price on the wraps in my shop will too end. As of the 1st December they will all be $30 plus postage.

And these are all on their way to the shop!
Back later with the winner xox

Thursday, November 26, 2009

my creative space

Sewing, listing, posting, repeat....
Hoping on the weekend to have a break and do some stamping with the kids. Miss D, 6, is very sick so things have been very quiet here this week. More spaces over here. And they have the nasty tummy bug too :(

Last chance peeps!
Giveaway drawn tomorrow night top end time, which could mean Saturday morning ;) xox

Monday, November 23, 2009

look out she's having another one!

NO I am not having another baby ;)
The delightful Corrie from Retromummy is having another amazing giveaway!
12 fat quarters of the new grandmothers flower garden range!! 12!!
So go check it out. Hurry, closes this Sunday!
And don't forget to enter my giveway too xox

Happy :)

Happy Mail Day!! Seriously happy. Love it when there is only lovely things in there just for you :)
Today is that day. Days like this are few and far between I might add. 4 kids = lots of bills.

First package super cute fabric, including some Aunty Cookie, yo yo's with the sweetest little buttons and ribbon. All from the very generous and naughty Kate

And I was just about to comment on the winner of retromummy's massive give away when I herd the tell tale 'beep beep' of the parcel dude...

 Great timing :P These cuties are for the shop, will be made up later in the week :)

And these are for me :)
I couldn't decided so I got both...and I don't have to hind them from hubby!! I paid for these all by myself :) Woohoo!

I just love how pretty they look on the side, don't you? xox

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Well I'm back!
Not that I really went anywhere, just been so SO busy! So hopefully over the weekend I can finally catch up on emails and blog reading. I miss seeing what you all all up to :)

I have learnt some interesting lessons over the past few weeks

People really do like what I make. And will actually give me money!

My husband and kids are more patient then I even imagined.

Never EVER list something you have yet to make, as things very quickly snow ball and the next thing you know you are pulling all nighter's to finish orders! True story...

There will be people that will copy what you do and sell it. Having no understanding or appreciation for how long you have worked on something to get it right. Karma will get you. Mark my words.
Note - talking about someone that I gave a wrap to as a gift, copied it and is now selling in the big town. Not those sellers on madeit/etsy etc. We are all selling different products and that is cool :)  

And I heart Jacob. More then Edward. And not just because he takes his shirt off...ALOT! And yes Brooke, I know he is only 17 ;)

These are in to my madeit shop.
Have a great weekend.
Don't forget to enter my give away! xox

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

GIVEAWAY TIME!! - closed :(

So do you want to win one of my wraps??

Maybe this one...

Or that one....

Or maybe this one??

Well you can! I'm giving away one wrap! Any one you like!
I will even make one up special if there is something you really want!
All you have to is leave a comment on this post.
That's it! Too easy!

But wait...would you like extra chances too??
Well, if you blog about this give away, you can leave an extra comment.
And if you twitter about it, you can leave another comment.
And if you purchase from me, that's right , you can leave another comment.
And I will check peeps so no cheating ;)

So some of you will have 4 chances!! Pretty cool hey?!

I will be drawing this next Friday night Australian Darwin time.
And yes more than happy to post anywhere :)

The shop has new stock in too so check it out :)

Now I'm off to bed! NEW MOON TONIGHT!! WOOHOO!! xox

Monday, November 16, 2009


Firstly, thank you all so so much for all you wonderful support. Sales have been unbelievable! Seriously totally awesome! Thank you a thousand time over :)

Secondly, because of the amazing amount of sales, I'm signing out until Wednesday morning when I will have lots of new stock ready to go and a give away to celebrate my sponsorship of the delightful and talented MelCorrie from Retro Mummy is also a sponsor this month which is perfect as a lot of my fabric comes from her. Cutest stuff!! And she is running a fantastic give away so check it out!

So, I'll be back! Hold tight. I have even handed over my iPhone to hubby in order to keep me focused hehe!
I have read all your lovely comments and emails. Thank you :) Will get back to you asap.
See you Wednesday! Yay! xox

Friday, November 13, 2009 updated





All in the shop now
And have you checked out Mel's blog? You should!
And you should also pop back  in over the weekend.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

my creative space

Busy busy busy!
Restocking my shop. 5 sales this week!! Ekkkkkk!

Lot of late night sewing on the kitchen table.
Feel like my eyelids have razer blades in them!

We have also had a very scary experience this week.
Boy one was knocked over by a car. He is fine. Few bruises.
We were visiting a girlfriend and her neighbour first backed out and hit my car, then after a brief chat she got back in and continued to back out, lost control, hit a pole and knocked Mr 3 down.
But we were incredibly lucky.
Soooo luck...half a second more and.....I can't even think it.
So hug your love ones tight, so tight

More spaces over here xox

Monday, November 9, 2009

it's started....

....Christmas present making

Big girl is stitching...for the first time on her own!!

Little girl tracing 'Merry Christmas'

Boy one is...well...helping!

Every year I tell myself I'm not going to leave it to the last minute and every year I do! This year I haven't even done my Christmas shopping!! Think I had to be more organised last year with a new baby in the house.
What about you?
I'm I the only one starting now??
And what about Santa?
 Does he bring handmade goodies in your house or store brought ones?
Oh the decisions.....xox

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Happy weekend!
This Saturday is a special day for my dear friend Jacquie over at zippyzippy
It's her 40th Birthday!!

Happy Birthday Jacquie!!

Jacquie's favourite colour is red.
So here is a collection of red handmade things from madeit for racey red Jacquie ;)

Jacquie is an awesome friend. Honest, witty, fun, clever and creative.
All the things a good friend is!
Jacquie has been selling her flags on madeit for well over a year now. She IS the original bunting flag seller on madeit.
Check her out!

Have a wonderful day Jacquie!
Wish is was there to celebrate with you.
I will  have a cold one in the pool for you ;)
Cheers mate! xox

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

what's hot and what's not

Playing along with Miss Loobylu again
Check it out and join in if you like.

What's hot
Wet season! Love it! Had a storm come though yesterday, first one I have been here for this year. Awesome! Sign of things to come I hope. However it didn't last long enough and then the hideous build up weather came back. If I hear one more Victorian complain about the heat down there I will scream! Try 35 with 90-100% humidity people! Sorry, that's really a what's not, oops!

Friends. Yep. I have a the greatest bunch of friends. Imaginary, bloggy and real.

Bolt. Totally awesome.

What's not
Washing. Sorting. Folding. Putting away. Gave up on ironing years ago!

The post office. What is with that?? Always lines and lines of people. Are there not enough offices? Do people not know how to pay their bills online? Why are there heaps of things within a child's reach? Even ones in the pram? And why is is easy to get in but always heaps of crap in the way so you can't get out without knocking stuff over?? Please explain Australia Post!

"Friends" who can't be bothered contacting you for your birthday. Even a happy birthday on my facebook wall will do....maybe we just aren't friends any more... :(

In other news have had another sale through madeit and one through facebook :) That totally rocks! xox

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

shop update








All just added to my madeit shop.
Sorry about the photo's. Photographer is at her day job.
Will have better pics up next week xox

Monday, November 2, 2009

bad day??

How about some light reading to cheer you up?!?

From the lovely King family. Thank you!

Note :- for the die hard fans, yes there is one missing, but is on it's way ;)


Lovely frangipani the kids gave me. Has 4 branches for 4 kids! So sweet!

So this is what 30 is...not so bad!
Thank you for all the lovely well wishes and ideas for mangos!
Unfortunately we didn't get to make any daiquiri's with this lot. I cancelled my party at home and went out with the girls instead. Family drama. But going out was a much better idea!! Just what I needed!! Six of my top end besties with no hubbys or kids (there was one but she was so good and cute!! and I did manage a few mango daiquiri's ;)

My darling friend Carolyn totally out did herself with the cake.
  A singer sewing machine!!
 Pictures are a bit dark. Will post more when I have some from her camera.

See the buttons!! And there was even a needle!! Everything you need to sew. Amazing!

And me. After a few and very please with my cake and my lovely supportive friends

Oh and did I mention what Hubby gave me?? No?? Well.....

an iPhone!!

Even with major family drama, turns out I had a pretty amazing birthday.
Thanks :) xox

PS. Have also had 2 sales on made it! Yay! Play money! xox