Friday, July 30, 2010

I love {sexy} hexies!

Slightly addicted...not only to hexies but flickr groups. These are getting ready for {handsome} hexie swap
Also doing the DQS9
I did pull out of the ice cream social, on account that I still have no machine! So one less thing right?!
mmmmmm xox

Thursday, July 29, 2010

my creative space

Thanks for all your comments yesterday re sewing spaces. Will have to give it some more thought. And wait for more insurance money ;) One thing I will be doing is making sure everything extra special is in plastic tubs!

Thanks also for your comments re DQS9. Still a work in process but the ideas that I really liked were to make is square (can't for the life of me work out how!) and using red on the linen for the quilting. Tried it on white. Wasn't as bold. And I have 'tweaked' the placement of the stars so the yellow doesn't look so lost.

This is what I am working on today....

119 hexies for the grandmothers flower garden with white ones still to come :)

Did you notice my flashy pictures? I have a new flashy camera! Thank goodness for insurance!

More spaces at Kirsty....if you can find her, she's in a knitting cloud xox

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

sewing spaces

Where do you sew?

my sewing table feb 09 by Joyful Lova.
Pinched pic from here

On the kitchen table?

Sewing "Area" #1 by DeeRoo G.
Pinched pic from here

On a desk in the corner?

Sewing Space by amandahall25.
Pinched pic from here

Do you have a sewing machine cabinet?

Onto the Sewing Room by polyacetylene.
Pinched pic from here

Or are you lucky enough to have a studio? 

My creative space by *jenny b allsorts
Pinched pic from here

I need to set myself up all over again. And while I don't have a studio I do have space to set up in the living area. Like to keep my eye on everything and everyone ;) But it is a small space and husband has 'expressed' that he would like it to be clean and tidy and not invade the whole living area!

Have been thinking about one of these

So, how do you do it? I would really love to know xox

Monday, July 19, 2010

Sew It Together

Hard to believe it already been over 2 MONTHS since Sew It Together! About time I blogged about it. Seeing as though I claimed it as the best/worst weekend of my life ;)

So my weekend start with catching up with my gorgeous high school friend for loads of coffee and shopping at DFO….including half price Birks and a $10 dry season dress! Woohoo! Shelly was kind enough to drop in off in the city where I meet the lovely Lisa from the princess and the monkey who I was sharing a room with the first night. We shopped, we ate, we talked, I froze! Twas lovely, I got ‘the call’, but we had cake so life was gooooooood!

Gift from Lisa with yard and hook :)

Next morning, I must confess, I was a little worried. Actually A LOT! I had arranged to share a room for two nights with someone I had never meet…..she might be creepy. She might fart. She might snore. She doesn’t have kids so I might just bore her to death. Plus I don’t know how to talk to ‘grown ups’! Turns out she does fart, she is a little creepy, I did bore her at times, and well, she really isn’t a grown up! And she is totally my new bbff (blogging best friend forever)! So obviously we hit it off and even had cupcakes for breakfast!! Abbe, my dear, you rock my little world ;)

Anyway, back on track, Friday afternoon SHOPPING!!

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves ;)

Amitie...20% off just for us :)

Amitie....1/2 price...nice!!

Patchwork on Central Park

Ink & Spindle was the highlight! Those girls are totally awesome! Can’t wait to use my little pile of lovelies J

We ended the evening at Nicole's for a tour and more shopping….plus some much need wine and food and wine. Again I was really excited and really nervous. No secret my first blog crush was/is Dearfii. Plus Fi too was sharing the room with me and Abbe......oh the fun we had…...what happens at SIT, stays at SIT ;) Anyway I am happy to say Fi is just as gorgeous and lovely as I thought she would be. Actually, probably more so ;)

Pinched pic from here

Saturday, day of laughter, crafting, chatting and inspiration! I meet some amazing; blow your socks of talented people. I was lucky enough to share a table with Corrie, Lisa, Fi, Abbe, Julie, Katia and Renae I got to meet twitter buddies like Holly and Bec and loads and loads of my fav bloggers plus a few new to me ones as well.

The totally hilarious Trash tried to teach me crochet……and, well, kinda failed. Not Trash’s fault, believe me!! Yarn is not my friend (Kirsty has had more luck, more on that in another post)

Pinched pic from here

Fi showed me how to make her tiny ¼” hexie’s. New obsession!! And Corrie had hexy kits for everyone! So lucky!

Swap SCORE!!

Cass had organised a sample swap. So excited with my pressies!! So much fun!! Sadly in the madness I have no pics of what I made. But they were awesome. Yes they were ;)

There were prizes. I was tempted to tackle a pregnant Kiwi lady for her score and I resisted ;) We were all so incredibility lucky that there were so many fabulous sponsors and supporters. Please support them where you can! See here for details 

4.30 was kick out time. Of course I was one of the last to leave. The extra lovely and extra gorgeous Corrie and Julie came up for more chatting and crafting before heading out for tea.

Pinched pic from here

Tea was fab. I think. Don’t really remember what I ate. There was just soooo much talking and laughing. Trash and I talked politics. I meet a fellow home birth mum who makes her son dance for cheese. Some awesome Daylesford bloggers that made the trip down for tea. I laughed so much I cried! It really was amazing J

We all said our goodbyes on Sunday L But Abbe and I weren’t done just yet. We travelled out to Daylesford to hang out some more with the gorgeous Kate and family. A very dear friend of mine made the trip up from Horsham to say hi. So great to see her. Bit sad not knowing when we’ll make the trip down south again.

And then, it was over. Abbe dropped me at the airport. And then I was home, well, back to reality.

Sheridan and her right hand lady Donna did an amazing job! A thousand thank you girls, to you and your families. It can’t have been an easy job. Please sign me up for next year. Although I might have to bring the whole family to Sydney just in case ;)

I did learn one very important thing while at SIT……

Said by Fi, stiched by me xox

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Having a little crises of at the moment....
You know don't you? When you think you've got it and then you don't. Doubt creeps in......

I'm still working on the DQS#9. Thought I had it but now.....not so sure. And I'd really love some honest thoughts. Because you are my friends and you can be honest :)

Here's how she looks at the moment. 
There will be linen diamonds all around the edge and then binding to finish her off. So the quilt will keep the hexagon shape. 
I'm still not sold on it. Hard with crappy camera (waiting on insurance) but I'm thinking it might be missing something.....what to you think?

These are the other 2 fabric I thought I could add.....or not. 

Otherwise I could scrap it and start again.
Thoughts please?? xox

Thursday, July 8, 2010

my creative space

Firstly, thank you :) You guys are so lovely. Seriously. This week is really sucky. And you guys are great :)

So I'm going to pretend for a minute that we have curtains instead of boxes covering our windows and that we have a kitchen full of lovely thing instead of paper plates and plastic spoon and show you some seriously yummy fabric that will soon (end of the year) become a grandmothers flower garden :)


Old New Fabric Collection '30 by Lecien brought from Threadbear :) 

I can't want to start!

And yes these pictures are taken on our new stove top. With the safety switch OFF ;)

More spaces, as always, over here where Kirsty is playing with Aunty Cookies Cheaters. Love it! xox

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Post 138 - The one where she has a tantrum.......

Hello! Thanks for having me back. I’ve just popped in to share a cuppa and a chat. How have you been these last few weeks? Cold enough for you southerners?  Lovely weather here. Dry season is in full swing. Just lovely…..

How am I? Really? Fine fine…..not really……well……actually……I’m just going to flop down here at your kitchen table now and have a little grown up tanty…..yep… I go…..

I don’t want to do this house moving fire crap. Seriously. It’s not fair. I don’t want to go through stuff, throw stuff out or fight with the insurance about whether or not it needs writing off. I don’t want to get quotes on my sewing stuff. I don’t want to have to unpack and reorganise the house AGAIN!!

I don’t want hubby to go back to work. I want him to live with us and to have no bills. No responsibilities. Play with the kids all day and not worry about getting to school on time. 

I want to sew not clean…..

I want to eat chocolate every single day and be thin and hot. Not fat and sweaty.......

And now you’ll say something lovely and supportive yada yada yada……

But like all good tantrums….

But it’s not fair! I know we are lucky. I know we are blessed a thousand time everyday for our wonderful, healthy, relatively happy family.

But I don’t want toooooo…..It’s not fair………!!!! 

My quilts :( I don’t want to get valuation on the quilts. I don’t. I want to pretend they are fine and that everything is ok. But I can’t. I wish this had never happened. I should have never left the kids… fault. Boohooo me

And now you will give me your best serious face and tell me to suck it up princess. That I can do it and I will. Because I am Bianca Jae….and I make stuff!

Thanks friends. Because we are sleeping in our house tonight for the first time in 53 days. And that has to be good thing….right??!!

And yes, I am now so crazy that I am having full conversation with myself because quite frankly I am stark raving mad ;) xox