Tuesday, June 30, 2009

some sewing...

Isn't this a lovely skirt pattern!? It's by Little Bird Patterns. I won it in a blog give away a few weeks back from from Shona at Funky Fabrix. Yes I am lucky and no I do not spend all my time trying to win stuff in blog land. I really am just that lucky!

And here it is made up! Miss 8 took the photo.

Miss 8 took this one too. Super easy to make. I used brown linen blend, more blend then linen I think. And the zip!! Too easy! Very pleased with how it turned out. Oh and I comes in sizes s-xl, nice!

And just because I realised there are no picture of bub #4 on there!! Best I can do with this little one, she really doesn't sit still.

Monday, June 29, 2009

blog love

As I said before mum arrived Mary-Jane from sweet emmelie nominated me for a lovely blog award. How nice it that!! Thank you so much Mary-Jane.

The rules of the award are as follow......

1. The winner may put the logo on their blog.

2. Put a link to the person who sent you the award.

3. Nominate 7 blogs.

4. Link to their blogs

5. Leave a message so they know you think their blog is lovely!

I think it is a really lovely way to show those peeps out there you are reading and enjoying their little space. So here I go!!

1. Jo and her blog rousabout is vera jean. I actually know Jo in real life, before blogging. Down south we were both in the same sewing group. Jo is a beautiful sewer! Seriously perfect. And Jo crochets too. So wish I was closer so she could teach me. Jo also has a lovely family and I miss her kids heaps. Check out her blog and give her a gentle 'push' to sew some more and finish her first quilt she has been working on...

2. Kate and her blog two little banshees. One of my tweets! I really love this blog. Great pictures. Plenty of ideas. Kate is lovely. Always replies to questions and comments. With twins and a toddler I am amazed at what she achieves. And she also writes patterns, is published and sells some very cute softies and bags. How cool is that!?

3. Melissa and her blog One Crafty Mumma. Another of my tweets. What can I say about Mel?! Her blog is so wonderful. Heaps and heaps of crafty ideas. Love what Mel does with the kids and her scrap booking! Wow! And if you haven't already race down and pick up a copy of Australian Home Sewn. Fantastic!!

4. Dani and her blog live life. I love reading what Dani is up too. I enjoy her honesty. Dani gets what is it like to be 'mum'. I like that Dani includes you in her blog with her little Daily Questions. Her blog has a really lovely feel to it.

5. Stacy and her blog Polka Dot Daze. Lovey blog! Stacy is a kinda a newbie to blogging but it already feels like she is an old hat at it. Fresh look, great projects, check out her very cute hot water bottle cover! And I am still excited about the polka dot swap!!

6. Rachel and her blog Four Wise Monkey's. I have a habit of hunting down bloggy peeps with four or more kids. I enjoy seeing how other family's cope with larger families. Rachel makes it look easy! Lovely stuff. Bags, quilts, softies and all the rest! I have brought loads of patterns from Rachel over the years. Hoping she will list more soon, shh don't tell hubby...

7. This was a tricky one because there are so many lovely blogs. I have gone with a newbie who needs a push ;-) Jacquie and her blog Zippy Zippy. Jacquie is another sewing buddy from down south. She makes fantastic flags and buntings! And has an incredible garden. Now there isn't lots of postings yet, but Jacquie is very funny and witty and I'm sure once she gets the hang of it there will be plenty more. So go over and say hi!

Now don't forget to enter my giveaway! Be back soon with something sewing xox

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Firstly, thank you so much for the lovely comments about mum’s giraffe! Mum decided, with help from me and the kids, to call her Georgie. Perfect!

Kids with hubby at Crocosaurus Cove

Fresh water crocodile at Territory Wildlife Park

My Mum and little boy one

My sister and little girl one #2

Big one and little girl one #2

Secondly, we have had an amazing week with my mum and sister. I am, however, feeling very sad and flat since they left. I miss them so much L

And because I am feeling so flat, because I have had such amazing luck lately and because Territory Day is on Wednesday, I’m having a giveaway!! Just some fabric, handmade cards and whatever else I have hanging around. And something I picked up today at the craft market in the big town. Especially for the lucky someone. So all you need to do is comment on this post, perhaps about something you do to cheer yourself up, and I will randomly select someone on Wednesday night. After the fireworks that is J Happy to post anywhere! Good luck! xox

Friday, June 19, 2009

mum's giraffe

'Hello Giraffe'

I am really happy with how it turned out. Not too sure if softies are my thing yet. I like that that are reasonably quick and you can use little bits of your fav fabric at a time. I did think it was a little fiddly at times, didn't help I was pushed for time! Or that there was a mistake in the pattern pieces. Tummy (gusset) was too long.

I have used the same fabrics on the giraffe as I used on mum's 50th quilt a couple of years ago. So they will be matchy on her bed :)

She has a little scarf because it is so cold down south and we don't her to catch a cold. I have just pined the scarf on until the girls get home from school, they can then help me choose a button to use instead.

Mum and sis will be here tonight! For a week! Can't wait. So if I am a little absent it is because we are out catching crocs or freezing in the pool! xox

By the way, thank you all so much for your comments! And thank you sweet emmelie for you blog award! So lovely! Will post my nominations after mum's visit.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

my 1st creative space.....

My first creative space! Giraffe for mum. Just getting ears and face on. Not sure yet if it looks like a giraffe or dinosaur :P We'll soon see...

Check out more spaces over here.....

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

australian homesewn and stuff


I am so excited!! The magnificent Mel from Day to Day has taken her crafty endeavors to the next level. Mel has been busy working on this fresh new mag. So happy and excited for her! Not only is she incredibly talented but she is a genuinely lovely lady. And one of my favourite twitter friends!! Read more about the mag over at her blog.

In other news, I pretty much suck today. Yep, the little violins are playing just for me. 3 sewing bobo's, ending in unpicking, unpicking and more unpicking (with a wee tantie in there somewhere as well!), left out 1/4 of the flour in our tea cake for afternoon tea, and we had guests and no time to run to the shops, and tea was, well, about 2 minutes away from being completely uneatable. And our dog has run away, again, and not yet returned. Can you hear the little violins? Just for me

After all that I did manage to sew something, finished a pressie for a very dear friend (have to wait until she gets it before I can post pics) and am just about to stuff a giraffe for my mum who will be here on the weekend!! Yay! With my sister too! Post pic when done.

How about you? Know any 'famous' people? Are the violins playing for you too?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

run, don't walk!

Sign Up For the Swap:

Go on! Lovely Stacey from Polka Dot Daze is having a very spotty swap. Will be loads of fun! Well, what are you waiting for!! Get over there and sign up. Today's the last day! You might get me ;)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

oh so quite.......

It's oh so quite here. Kids are outside pretty much all day. Thinking about getting a bell to call them in for food!

So I have had time for some sewing....

present for big ones friend's 9th Birthday, hope she likes it *

some time for reading.....

some time to plan to sew.....

some time to be amazed at this mag, great projects!

Wish it was cold to make this one for little one....

and I am going to learn crochet and do these!

Check out Corrie's post for more about Family Circle.

*Edit - Turns out the present was a hit!! Little girls everywhere saying we are SO going to invite you to our party!! And the friend came up to me and thanked me without being prompted from mum. Thought that was pretty cool. And so did little miss :D*

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

working my *beep* off

I'm back! Moved and almost unpacked. *sigh* Not moving again for a very long time. 

Funny story, went though the drive though the other day and I got myself an ice cream and not the kids, little miss 5 started to whinge and little miss 8 said "Hey, mum has been working her ass off, she can have an ice cream if she wants!" Oops, do you think I have been saying that much?! Never! I'm a perfect roll model for my children ;)

Moving is the second most horrid thing you can knowingly do to yourself, first is getting pregnant. Remind me if I want to do either again.

This does make it all worth it though. Did I mention we now have a pool?? I took this from the kitchen window while the kids had breakfast. I know, very lucky!!

In the craziness of moving we did take Flat Stanly here.

Must keep unpacking. Mum and sister are here from down south next Friday!! So excited!! xox