Thursday, October 29, 2009

my creative space

Mango Madness....

hubby brought 30+ mango's for $12....

so I'm creatively thinking of things to do with mango's.

Any idea's on what to do with them?!?
Thinking some sort of punch for my 30th on the weekend!!

More creative peeps over at Kirstys xox

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

what's hot and what's not

So I'm joining in Loobylu what's hot and what's not. Because I can.

What's Hot
Me - yes I am totally full of myself, love the attention and will tell any one that will listen. Not really! But I am super dooper excited because today I made the madeit list of wonderfuls for this week! Yay! So I guess that makes me hot in a non up myself but someone else thinks so kinda way.

Learning new things - I made these last night. So cute and fun and quick and did I say cute?! One is a kit from Fi and will become a brooch.

Blog land - That's you peeps! Thank you a thousand time over for all you kind words and support.

What's Not
Pre teens/ tweens/pre pubescent girls - we had the period talk in this house tonight. Not cool. For me or her. Not that I am telling her that. I was all 'this is a wonderful thing' when really it sucks.

Northern Territory Government - or as my hubby says what government? There is no governing going on. Between child abuse cases, highest cost of housing in the country, lack of housing and support services for indigenous people, low standards in education...seriously I could go on and on and on...(but I do still love it here!)

James Hardie - Wankers. Enough said.

Check out more hot and not over here. Thanks again for all your lovely support!
Back tomorrow with my creative space xox

Monday, October 26, 2009



Surprise!! I made a shop!!
Go and check it out and let me know what you think.
Thanks Brooke for taking the lovely pictures :)
And stay tuned for more adventures in binding xox

Sunday, October 18, 2009

a quilt-a-long

Kellie from don't look now is having a quilt-a-long.
Go on, join in! I am!
It will be fun

And while I'm here, my camera charger was left down south, so I have nothing much to show you until it get's here. And I am so looking forward to showing you what all the binding is for....soon my lovelies, soon xox

Thursday, October 15, 2009

...and so I'm back!

Hello! How are you all? Had fun while I was away? I did!!

And I know you are all hanging out to know how husband did with 3 kids on his own for the first time ever. And for 12 days no less. Well, he rocked!! House still standing, kids alive, with colds but alive. Fruit and vegies were eaten and......I even came home to clean house and even clean floors!! Yep. He got lucky ;)

And me. Had a blast! Bridesmaid dresses ordered, earings and shoes brought, girlfriends wedding was amazing, lots of chatting and drinking with family and friends, early 30th. Wonderful. Really wonderful.

On the Friday night I went to my old sewing group. So so happy to see everyone. Really wonderful that people made the effort. There was show and tell. And there was cake, for me! A patchwork one of course! And there was presents.....

YES!! All of these for me!! So lucky to have such wonderful sewing friends. I love that even though I am 1000's of km away they still think of me :) And I guess because of this little blog they can see what I am up too. Huge thank you to Tash, Louise, Rachel, Margaret, Judy, Michelle, Jacquie and an extra big thank you to Bron for organising it. Big hugs and kisses to you all XOXOX

And at Mum's I got to see giraffe and quilt together...

Sorry about the dark pictures, was running out the door to catch the plane when I remembered.

All in all, a great trip! Will be taking another one next year, ALL by myself. Thinking Stitches in Melbourn next year? Who's in?! xox