Thursday, August 11, 2011

and then we said goodbye

Brothers top end storm :)

The Top End has been good to us.

Not counting the cyclone, kitchen fire and robberies

I started this blog and opened a little shop.

Finally got on the correct medication for my bipolar

We have welcomed a new family member. Born at home just as it should be.

My kids have learnt to swim and walk on grass.

The kids have run freely under the sprinklers for hours on end, not caring how much water they are using/wasting.

We have all held snakes, frogs, lizards and crocodiles.

my man

I have watched the love of my life become the man I knew he could be, despite so many doubting him.

We have grown and changed as a family.

Family tea party

The time has come for us to leave The Top End.

It is very bitter sweet.

We are returning to Victoria to be closer to family. And while that is exciting, I am a new auntie!! it is also heartbreaking.

Everybody from the Top End is from somewhere else. You know I can count on one hand how many people I have meet that were born and bread here? True story. Most people are without family. So, they make their own.

So even though I am going too family, turns out, I am leaving family too.

You know who you are. You know that I love you and will miss you. And this isn't really a good bye but a see you later. We love this place and our top end family

And we will be back xox


teddybearswednesday said...

Beautiful beautiful Post Bianca. Im sure the Top End is very said to see you go.

Kate said...

Good luck and enjoy the new adventure!

ZippyZippy said...

Lovely post and pics :)
See you soon!

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh i know exactly how you feel, with all 4 of my babies born there (not at home thanks, not in Army housing, but with the super star OB that is Dr Andrew Miller at Darwin Private Hospital). I really miss Darwin, we went back for a 2nd posting, we loved it, no new babies, it was all about school & enjoying ourselves, knowing how to live up there, it was amazing!! Look at your beautiful family, happy moving, it's quite the journey home & you miss that 'holiday feeling' you have by living in Darwin.
In the 6+ years we were there, i met a few locals, genuine born & bred locals, but most educated in boarding school so still hard to find ones who never left, at all. Love Posie

Tanya said...

Oh I loved reading that post too Bianca. I have never been to the 'top end' (not very good at heat). But I get that leaving a place can be bittersweet. I hope arriving in your new place is very sweet xx

Julie said...

Beautiful B. I teared up. Safe travel. xx

melissa said...

On to new adventures, we will miss you!


Vickie said...

Hope you have safe travels till you reach your journeys end Bianca, I do hope you will keep your blog open?I hope to catch up with you in around 12 months when I will back there too,cheers Vickie

trash said...

I agree with TeddyBearWednesday - beautiful sentiments B.

Enjoy the next stage of your adventure.

Ruby Star said...

What a lovely post.
The top end is a special place indeed.
We left 7 years ago, still miss it... the vibe, the friends & the food!

Jan said...

What a lovely heartfelt post. And I am sure you and your family will be missed in the Top End too. I hope your relocation goes smoothly and that life in Victoria is good to you. And I heard from Annie Flowergarden tonight that you are moving to my suburb - that's good news (you and I met briefly at Sew It Together in Melb). Rachel (Four Wise Monkeys) has my phone no. to pass on to you. Happy travels, Bianca and co.

Taylor Made said...

Happy must be tough but a new adventure awaits you by the sounds of it.

Corrie said...

awwww big hugs lovely lady. Those are gorgeous pics by the way! love the one of hubby and those gorgeous kids of yours.

big hugs, I've always hated the goodbyes. growing up in the navy we had to move every 3 years and it was tough and I still remember it

keep smiling and good luckxxx

Tammy said...

Oh Bianca! Good Luck my Sweet. I hope it all progresses well and smoothly for you and its nice to see that Mr. of yours too. x

fi said...

oh sweetheart you are one of the bravest familys i know and we are very (selfishly)looking forward to having you and your mob close by, the boys have the train timetable downloaded already ;) xxxxx

Renee said...

Lovely post Bianca - and welcome back to Victoria!

PS - gorgeous hubby BTW ;)

Innerparent said...

Popped in to see what you've been up to and greeted by this post which reminded me of when we left. The top end is a special place and I wish for you all as you journey that the specialness travels with you and rises to meet you as you continue to grow and love together. Beautiful photos of very beautiful people. You are loved xxx

Sally said...

Yes - leaving the NT is almost inevitable ... and yet so very heartbreaking all the same.

Good luck in Victoria.