Tuesday, October 9, 2012

while I was away...

While I was away we have had 3 birthdays in this house. 

7 hospital admissions for 2 different kids.

We have moved house.

Curtains I made for new kitchen

Maybelle hair has grown, fallen out and grown again.

Her treatment has finally reached the less intense 'maintenance' stage.

However this means she can still get sick and land in hospital.

And most importantly....I leant to knit

So folks, what have you been up too? xox


del king said...

It is no wonder that you have been away from here, things have been crazy busy at your place. I hope everyone manages to stay healthy and out of hospital. Oh and awesome knitting!

Julie said...

Love those curtains. Welcome back!

Vickie said...

wow you learnt to kniot that is awesome and them items look fantastic well done.. sure reads like there has been ubber business at your place-hope things have settled for a bit for you,cheers Vickie

Gra said...

I love your knitting and your patchwork curtain. I hope you all stay healthy.