Wednesday, October 28, 2009

what's hot and what's not

So I'm joining in Loobylu what's hot and what's not. Because I can.

What's Hot
Me - yes I am totally full of myself, love the attention and will tell any one that will listen. Not really! But I am super dooper excited because today I made the madeit list of wonderfuls for this week! Yay! So I guess that makes me hot in a non up myself but someone else thinks so kinda way.

Learning new things - I made these last night. So cute and fun and quick and did I say cute?! One is a kit from Fi and will become a brooch.

Blog land - That's you peeps! Thank you a thousand time over for all you kind words and support.

What's Not
Pre teens/ tweens/pre pubescent girls - we had the period talk in this house tonight. Not cool. For me or her. Not that I am telling her that. I was all 'this is a wonderful thing' when really it sucks.

Northern Territory Government - or as my hubby says what government? There is no governing going on. Between child abuse cases, highest cost of housing in the country, lack of housing and support services for indigenous people, low standards in education...seriously I could go on and on and on...(but I do still love it here!)

James Hardie - Wankers. Enough said.

Check out more hot and not over here. Thanks again for all your lovely support!
Back tomorrow with my creative space xox


Tania said...

Just gotta love knowing you're hot in a non-up-yourself-way. Course you damned well are. Now as far as this period talk thing goes - are you telling me when I do the talk with mine, I have to pretend it's all the bees knees??? (I'm such a bad liar).

Amanda said...

Those are too cute...

I really need to get on the whole "girl talk" thing too. As if she didn't have enough excuses in her arsenal to be a pain lol...

One Flew Over said...

Congrats on the Madeit what's hot!

Happydacks said...

James Hardie, how can this company be allowed to exist anywhere anymore. Some people have NO humanity. Chele

rachelmp said...

I need to do the shaving talk... cause my husband won't grrrr

Little Miss Moi said...

hey. You're dissing my employer :P