Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Planes, trains and floods??

So. Dresses are finished, pretty much. Just the hand sewing to finish when we get down south and the hems tonight. Very happy with them. Was a little scared that they were going too be too much but I like! HUGE relieve!! But sorry guys you will have to wait until after the wedding to see them. Painful aren't I lol!

Quilts. Same as they were here and here. I am going to cheat and get them professionally machine quilted. Because I can.

That's the sewing bit done.

Stress levels hit a new high here yesterday. See our adventure down south was meant to go something like this. 

1. Pack the car
2. Put the car on the train
3. Fly to Adelaide with carry on, enough for one night.
4. Sleep, then shop, then pick up car.
5. Drive 4 1/2 hours to family.

Not too bad, anything with large family takes planning, time and energy. So this was the best option for us. Meant that we would have a car in Vic that we could fit in and would have the ability to do our own thing.

For the second time this year the train tracks have been washed away!! So no car!! Seriously!! Life in the NT is never dull...
So. This is now our plan.

1. Repack. This means big one will not be able to take all her denim shorts. First melt down.
2. All luggage will need to be taken on the plane. Husband not happy. Sent to time out.
3. No shopping and catch up with Megs. Me. Sooky face.
4. Train to Vic booked out until Monday. And there are no hire cars (long weekend down south). Panic starting to rise.
5. We all need to be up and organized to catch a BUS at 7 in the morning. Cold sweats and heart palpitations begin.
6. We then need to sit on said bus for 6 1/2 hours.....with all the luggage....and 4 kids.....complete melt down!!
7. Weight Watchers chocolate biscuits do not help.
8. Once we are in Vic. The 1lt bottle of gin gifted by LMM will be had and kids can look after themselves for the rest of the holiday. Screw the points.

So. Yeah. And the icing on the cake is my orchard that hasn't flowered in 18 months has started to flower this week. So we are going to miss it in full bloom.
You can start the violins now. I'm off to eat a weight watchers friendly chocolate cake xox


Megs said...

oh my god you are brave, I can't imagine all that organisation! Let me know if you have free time at the end of the trip! Good luck with everything - I will be thinking of you x

rachelmp said...

Karma = great time once you get there. Go and eat what you like and I'll eat all your food when I see you :) Easy!

Julie said...

Oh my goodness Bianca. Hope you all make it in one piece without any more worries.

Marilyn said...

OMW!! Good luck with all of your arrangements Bianca, hope that it all goes smoothly and that you have a FABULOUS time!!

ZippyZippy said...

Ha! Ha!
My money is on the bus getting a flat tyre at Tailem Bend :)
The drive from Adelaide to Horsham would have taken 5 1/2 hours at least, although, the way they drive up in the NT maybe 4 1/2 hours was right.
Maybe the bus would be full, they have to have 2 buses coming over, you (and your cake)go on the other bus and AJ could take the kiddies on the first bus
Good Luck
Hope it all goes smoothly

Kerri said...

Krikkies Hope everything gets better. Suppose to be rain down here on the weekend too. Hope your break goes well. That will be me soon, packing to go up their. Have a great time

Danielle said...

Good luck!!

Jenny said...

You Can Do It!

Kelly said...

OMG what a nightmare!! Fingers crossed that it all goes smoothly. Can't wait to see the dresses :)

Purple Paisley Patch said...

OMGoodness! All that planning, and floods wash away the tracks. Life in the Territory is never dull! ;-)

I hope you have a great trip and enjoy your gin!

Vickie said...

oh yes Bianca I hear your pain,those that have lived here forever would say "ahh that's Darwin life"..I say it's primitive in few areas..take care and have a blast -can hardly wait to see your princess's with their dresses on,cheers Vickie

Fran said...

Ahhhhhhhhhh - I'm stressed out just from reading about it!

"Life is like a box of chocolates........."

Catherine said...

Oh no, I hope that this is the end of planning obstacles. Gee wiz you've had a few hassles. Keep smiling and I hope the cake was yummy and made you smile. xo

Corrie said...

oh you're funny!!!!!!! I thought you were getting the bus from darwin to home and I thought you were just crazy! glad you made it, I think ww can take a little break while you're away