Sunday, July 4, 2010

Post 138 - The one where she has a tantrum.......

Hello! Thanks for having me back. I’ve just popped in to share a cuppa and a chat. How have you been these last few weeks? Cold enough for you southerners?  Lovely weather here. Dry season is in full swing. Just lovely…..

How am I? Really? Fine fine…..not really……well……actually……I’m just going to flop down here at your kitchen table now and have a little grown up tanty…..yep… I go…..

I don’t want to do this house moving fire crap. Seriously. It’s not fair. I don’t want to go through stuff, throw stuff out or fight with the insurance about whether or not it needs writing off. I don’t want to get quotes on my sewing stuff. I don’t want to have to unpack and reorganise the house AGAIN!!

I don’t want hubby to go back to work. I want him to live with us and to have no bills. No responsibilities. Play with the kids all day and not worry about getting to school on time. 

I want to sew not clean…..

I want to eat chocolate every single day and be thin and hot. Not fat and sweaty.......

And now you’ll say something lovely and supportive yada yada yada……

But like all good tantrums….

But it’s not fair! I know we are lucky. I know we are blessed a thousand time everyday for our wonderful, healthy, relatively happy family.

But I don’t want toooooo…..It’s not fair………!!!! 

My quilts :( I don’t want to get valuation on the quilts. I don’t. I want to pretend they are fine and that everything is ok. But I can’t. I wish this had never happened. I should have never left the kids… fault. Boohooo me

And now you will give me your best serious face and tell me to suck it up princess. That I can do it and I will. Because I am Bianca Jae….and I make stuff!

Thanks friends. Because we are sleeping in our house tonight for the first time in 53 days. And that has to be good thing….right??!!

And yes, I am now so crazy that I am having full conversation with myself because quite frankly I am stark raving mad ;) xox


Gra said...

You are right! I agree with you. Be mad, scream out loud, cry, and throw something against a wall (watch that nobody is around, please). I don´t know if it will solve something but you will feel better afterwards.
And always seek for blogland support!!!
Greetings from Argentina!

Anonymous said...

Nothing to say but hugs hang in there good things come and all that!
Hope the day holds pockets of sunshine for you
Tamar x

Julie said...

Cuddle. xx

Corrie said...

oh hugs! I wouldn't want to do any of that either! with 4 kids there is enough to do without having to add all that extra workload to the mix!!!!!!!!!!!!

big big hugs

jaki said...

Hugs Bianca!
Nothing wrong with a good blog tantrum at midnight when the rest of the household is asleep ;)

Kate said...

It fucked! There's nothing else to say about it.
Thinking of you, hoping all the crappy bits are over soon and sending you huge love. XX
ps. Thanks for coming, can you close the door on your way out.

Kim said...

Oh sweetie - It was NOT your fault!
I am so glad you're at home and am hoping for a speedy end to it all.

Lisa said...

Oh B, I can only imagine how frustrating it must be and agonising knowing whats still to be done. Feel free to chuck a tanty, and make it a good one! Don't blame yourself for leaving the kids for a weekend though, if it was going to happen it would have whether you were there or not. Hoping it's not quite as bad as you think when you get home and some things have been sparred. If you need anything, you know where I'm hiding.

Kylie said...

Hugs - I have not visited for a bit and look at the news I missed. So sorry to hear that you are going though this - hugs and I hope that things get better for you soon - enjoy sleeping in your house and try to take baby steps each day (oh and dont blame yourself for going away and not being there - it would have probably happened even with you there:(
More Hugs
Love K

Liam's Mummy said...

Don't feel bad because you left the kids. The whole thing sucks and is so unfair and nobody should have to do all that, but it isn't your fault.

jodesmac said...

Bianca you've done so well to get back into your house today. The packing, the moving, the quoting, the quilts are all unfair. It's unfair that this happened while you were away because that made you feel bad about your trip. Sometimes life does suck and then sometimes it is great. There will come a time when you can say "remember that bloody house fire" and be glad it all behind you! In the meantime I am sewing you chocolate stat!

Tanya said...

I'm hearin' ya.
And thinking of ya.
And, in case you were wondering 'stop the world for a minute cause I want to get off- have a sleep, breathe a little and then rejoin'- doesnt' work, i tried it, so crap- that would be perfect.
Take care frangipani woman.

Tammy James said...

Hope your tanty helped to make you feel better but I doubt it, I understand not wanting to go through all those hours of work and estimate their worth and then have to haggle over it.

Ruby Star said...

Damn, you have to move again! I'm hearing you, it's not so easy to do it without having hubby to go through it with you. Kick & scream girlfriend, get it all out then carry on.... dare i say calmly. Thinking of you. Oh and it's not your fault for leaving the kids. these things just happen sometimes. You need your own time so i hope this doesn't hold you back for next time. x

Gypsy said...

Oh darl, just sit here at my table and have a cry, I'll be back to give you another hug as soon as I make us a cuppa and open a massive block of chocolate. Just stay as long as you want, in a few hours I'll pour us a wine. *hugs*

Jodie said...

Not your fault at all !
Tantrum away - who says we need to be calm and all grown up and responsible all the time...being a grown-up sucks.
Scream, cry throw things - It will help.

Copper Patch said...

Over it yet Sookie Pants?

melissa said...

Hey Bianca, glad to hear you are back at home, Yes, I can understand it would be a pain in the bottom dealing with the insurance mob...But look on the bright side youve got an excuse to go and buy new crafty goodies!

ZippyZippy said...

Carefull what you wish for sookie la la - it might just happen - if the wind changes - and if you don't stop that you will get hairy palms, pull up your bloomers and get on with it :)