Wednesday, July 28, 2010

sewing spaces

Where do you sew?

my sewing table feb 09 by Joyful Lova.
Pinched pic from here

On the kitchen table?

Sewing "Area" #1 by DeeRoo G.
Pinched pic from here

On a desk in the corner?

Sewing Space by amandahall25.
Pinched pic from here

Do you have a sewing machine cabinet?

Onto the Sewing Room by polyacetylene.
Pinched pic from here

Or are you lucky enough to have a studio? 

My creative space by *jenny b allsorts
Pinched pic from here

I need to set myself up all over again. And while I don't have a studio I do have space to set up in the living area. Like to keep my eye on everything and everyone ;) But it is a small space and husband has 'expressed' that he would like it to be clean and tidy and not invade the whole living area!

Have been thinking about one of these

So, how do you do it? I would really love to know xox


Julie said...

All of the above!

Tammy James said...

I have a messy ( but as tidy as it can be ) spot in the dining area. I sew on the table. I'd love one of those table/cabinet type of things and some better shelving.

Katie said...

I have my own little space (well, really I just share the laundry with the washing machine and dryer), but I have a habit of encroaching on the loungeroom and kitchen too. Until I tidy it all up and start the process again. It's like a monter that just keeps growing!

Ruby Star said...

I have a very large old thrifted office desk with draws on one side and it's in our 2nd lounge room that has been converted into a study/sewing space. I also have 2 large tubs that (are overflowing) fit my yarn & fabric stash. The study desk & pc are opposite my table. It's not much but at least it's not the dining table anymore and i don't have to pack it all away. And i'm sorry to say, it's a mess :)

jaki said...

I pull mine out onto the kitchen table...but I don't sew anywhere near as much as you do.

I think for the amount of sewing you do Bianca...and it is your business *wink* deserve one of those awesome sewing cabinets!!

plushka said...

I craft in the corner in our living room on the dinning table which we didn't use for dinning for a looong time! It's just too hard to move my things from one place to another and I always loose something if I do so I gave up. I also use lounge as a hexagon making station and ironing board as a soft toys production line:) Likely, I've got a very understanding husband:)

I dream that one day I will have my own craft room!

SadieandLance said...

Ihave a sewing cabinet - was my Grandmas - and I LOVE it! Everything is at your finger tips and you can shove things in drawers etc or leave a project draped over your machine and fold the cabinet all up and hide the mess. Seriously love it.

Danielle said...

I could show you but then I'd have to clean. I might post about it tomorrow and come back and show you :)

Raewyn said...

We've just moved into our new house and I will be sharing the kids playroom with them....which I'm thinking of rather turning into a craft/quiet/sewing room. So now I have the room...but zero cash to buy anything for the room. Nope, can't even afford a little pine table at the moment. I love that first and last pic you have there...but I think I'll have to keep dreaming and carry on sewing in the dining room for now!

beccasauras said...

I know have a room, but I find my cabinet (almost identical) too bulky. I want to go over to a table! Picky picky....

Catherine said...

Can I have the first crafting space, please? My house is small so I craft usually on the dining room table and everything has to get dragged out when I need work on something which isn't fun but one day I might get my own room. xo

Copper Patch said...

Hmmm I have a whole floor but....for how much longer?
I still manage to spread it out here and there but maybe that's because I can :o)

Trash said...

In the dining room for sewing with the machine. An old-fashioned cupboard/drawers in the corner for stash and books but sadly gets inundated with projects and bits so is frequently hidden. Also in the corner of the dining room is a washing basket filled with the fabric for the 'Around the World-Christmas' blocks. Plus there are all the bags of projects hanging off various doorknobs around the house. Not forgetting the plastic tubs of assorted stash in every room except the skungy laundry out the back and CK's shed. And I'm not even going to mention my 'Green House' out in the garden ;-)

Shelly said...

For a moment there I thought the first pic was your new sewing space! If only :) I'd go the cabinet for sure - you have WAY too many little fingers in your house, plus like others have said it's your business - so wasy to justify an awesome cabinet.

Gypsy said...

At the moment I have a corner in the study/music room/library/sewing room. It's a bit squishy but it works for me, and it's easy to keep tidy. When we build our extension I will have a HUGE studio, I'm very excited! Maybe a (large) sewing cabinet would work for you in your lounge?

handmadehappiness said...

hello there.... :)
i have a swing room upstairs that always looks like a bomb has it it!!!! and a horn sewing cub in the corner of the kitchen!!!! i would love to sew and work in one room but my boy's 1.5yr and 3yr will not allow that yet!!!