Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Secrets, friends and 21st

There is one thing I do well. 
So naturally secrets are not something I 'do'!

But I did! I pull off a massive surprise for my family down south by going back for my brothers 21st. It was such a shock! My mother's screaming had my brother in a panic until he saw me! It was so worth the trip just to hear that screaming lol! I had a wonderful time. But sadly it is never long enough......

There is no way I could go down south without catching up with some of my favorite blogger friends. Though I think it is now safe to drop the blogger and just call them friends :) 

Me, Fi and Julie

Abbe and me :)

A fabulous meal, including vegetarian lasagna for Kate, and a sleepover. Loads of silly grown up girls giggling. Perfect night to make up for months of crazy house fire rot :)

I also managed to have a very long lunch with some Ballarat bloggers, Rachel and Jodie. Such awesome chicks. And man, I miss Ballarat! Great food. Great people. Great op shops. Even in the 12 degrees. And Ballarat Patchwork!! Gosh! I think they are just might be my favorite Victorian fabric shop.

I did shop. Oh yes.....but you'll have to wait till tomorrow. Need to go and spend time with my amazing family xox 


Ruby Star said...

wow bianca, what a gorgeous family you have and how lovely that you got to surprise them. just the break you needed i'd say . good stuff & can't wait to see your shopping haul. :)

Corrie said...

oh! the only person missing from those photos is me! it would have been like Sew it together!

wow you did well, I am totally hopeless at secrets! what a great one!

glad you had fun and now you can catch up on the washing which I'm sure was left behind for you to do!


CurlyPops said...

What a secret!
I had noticed that you were MIA from Twitter...hee hee

Jodie said...

I'm so glad I got to be part of your secret trip. My family were not surprised that my trip to ballarat Patchwork took four hours !!!

ZippyZippy said...

jeepers - we don't even get a mention anymore :)

Gra said...

It seems that you all had such a great time!!!! Look at those happy faces!!!!! ...envy....envy...
Your surprise to your family brought memories back. I did something like that to my family, just knocking on the door very early one morning after almost two years of being away. My mom woke up everyone in the house....and the neighbourhood with her screaming!!!! haha!!! unforgetable!! Great memories!!!

Catherine said...

It looks like you had a great time being with your family and new friends. Lots of smiles and happy faces so deserving after the kitchen fire:( I'll be back to check out your what you bought! xo

emma said...

aw shucks!
we liked having you visit too!