Saturday, August 28, 2010

week's end

Hanging out with the family.
Watching little one, who is 2 in 2 week!

Amazing at how grown up Mr 4 is now. 

Sharing our home with family from down south. Staying with us for a family wedding today.

This little guy could quite possibly pass as one of mine

Although I think he thinks we are all mad lol!

Hope you are enjoying your weeks end xox


Kate said...

2 already!! They are adorable - hope they are feeling better.

Tracy said...

Your kids are so beautiful :) Such wonderful smiles

Kate said...

Gosh you make gorgeous kids as well as stuff Bianca! XX

Amanda said...

Oooh the little people are just too cute...It must be heaven there :)

Abbe said...

I'm with Kate, good stuff you've made! xx

Anonymous said...

Such cuties! Ang thanks AGAIN for spurring me on to Google reader, am loving readin all the beautiful blogs. Forever grateful xx