Sunday, February 20, 2011

sunday stash #3

Happy Sunday folks :)
I hope where ever you are you are having a wonderful day.
Currently hubby and I are sitting outside, listening to the neighbours mow their lawns, our children playing (nicely at times) and thinking about tidying. We are good at thinking about it ;)

This week, Quite Contrary by The Quilted Fish for Riley Blake

 I love this range! Girlie but not babyish.

I would have loved the lot but I was good and only got 8 prints from the range.
All from Hawthorne Threads 

 Tomorrow I have another quilt top to show you. I've finished 2 in 24 hour


TammyJ said...

That fabric is gorgeous Bianca!

melissa said...

Love your choice in fabrics Bianca!
I bought the single girl pattern yesterday, are you still going to do it?

Julie said...

Sounds like a lovely Sunday, pretty much the same going on here. Pretty fabric!

Samelia's Mum said...

Such beautiful fabrics. Oh I'm in love. You are amazing at putting out so many quilts lately... and in the midst of a cyclone! Totally inspiring.

Marg said...

Love the fabrics Bianca, great combinations of gingham and spots and pretty colours.
Pleased to know it's not still raining there.

Anonymous said...

I love oogling over your fabrics, they are just gorgeous!!

Seaweed and Raine said...

Yum-a-licious fabric Bianca! Looking forward to seeing your new quilt tops :)

Amanda said...

I love how bright and cheery these are.. You are on a roll!!

Tanya said...

Love that fabric range too. I have bought stuff from there- such an easy website to navigate and friendly peeps. Have fun sewing with that lot. Glad you survived Carlos okay xx

Beth Gracie said...

wow. these actually look SO much more beautiful in your photograph than they do on hawthorne's website. i never would have bought them and seeing your photo o thought - how did i miss those? nice shot they are so cute :o)