Wednesday, October 12, 2011


You may think that these prolong periods of silence from me means I am not creating. 
You would be mistaken.
While life is, different, and I am still adjusting, I am indeed sewing!

Last day of term had me visit Mill Rose Cottage for a tea set class with the ever amusing, insanely clever Jodie aka. Ric Rac. Thankfully I had Bec there to keep me safe ;)

It was a wonderful day! Truly just what I needed 

Sometime at the end of last term I had a house full of delightful visitors. 5 extra kids and one very crafty mum, The Fi's :) Always a blast having them stay. Sewed anything? Well yes, thanks for asking

Don't Look Now's Lilly Pilly quilt. Perfect for us with 6 birds hiding in the tree :) I purchased it as a kit about a year ago from Ballarat Patchwork.

I did try my best to do like the pattern says, however Fi convinced me to do what I know (easy or K.I.S.S) and just heat and bond the lot down. I am very grateful for her suggestion! Still a lot of work to go but VERY happy with is so far!

And lastly for today I did a Harlequin Stars class at Ballarat Patchwork!! Its a foundation pieced stunner. Emma at has made not one but 2 of these amazing quilts this year. I managed a block ;)

You need to pop into Ballarat Patchwork and check out the full quilt. 
It is a m a z i n g! 

There is more to show you but I need a lay down now. Hard work blogging when you haven't done it in ages teehee xox


Julie said...

Absolutely fabulous. Just added the tree to the to do list.
Glad you had Bec to keep you save, we all know how dangerous Jodie is.

fi said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the tree glad you took my sage advice it looks amazing, think in need to try one of those stars too:) also think its time for another visit soon xx

Tammy said...

Oh oh nice to see some of what you are up to Bianca! That tree is gorgeous! and the teapot! so sweet.

melissa said...

Hey Miss B , hope you mob are well! That Harlequin star is an absolute stunner! Looks like youve been a busy gal!


clare's craftroom said...

You have done so much ! I love it all !

Copper Patch said...

Hello Peach, welcome back to the bloggesphere. Not that I can talk....much more blog read than writing going on around here.
Lovely stitchy bits you've made.
See you soon (that's an order!)
Me xx

Lauren said...

Oh my!! The tea pot is to die for!! x

Erica said...

Love your work!
You are so creative, very inspiring.

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Jodie said...

Only one cup ??? It looks fantastic, but i thought bec was there to look after me !

emma said...

Thanks Bianca!
Your Lily Pily quilt looks fantastic and I think you should make another 3 stars for a centre of a quilt! :)
Did you see your darling Daisy on my blog? em

Corrie said...

oh your lilli pilli is just stunning! super jealous! it's gorgeous! well done, oh so many supplies here and need to knuckle down and do some craft. Maybe if I got off pinterest and used that time to make things I could finish something

well done!