Sunday, October 23, 2011

Things you don't see in the NT

Yesterday the 'rat had a hail storm. A first for the 2 youngest. They loved it!
We were lucky though. This is the only damage around our house. Others....not so lucky.

And these picture, taken 17 hours AFTER the storm! I can only imagine how it looked yesterday.

I thought it had snowed overnight and we'd missed it!

Hope y'all are well and dry xox


ZippyZippy said...

Jeepers, that a lot of hail, and to still be there the next day!
Hope you are all well, will give you a call this week :)

Jodie said...

It was insane - and so noisy !!!

Frugal Down Under said...

No hail here. Just sweaty NT nights.

Vickie said...

oh yes rain rain rain here can't wait till we are back in Vic,cheers Vickie