Sunday, January 8, 2012


I know. Blogging from my phone is not the best but seeing as though my life is now that of cancer mum, I can do this in between vomits, tears and tantrums. Please bear with me :)

Monkey lady is running a swoon a long. You know that gorgeous pattern Swoon by Camille from thimble blossoms? I know you do. I sign up for these things all the time. But then find I don't have at hand all the bits required and they fall by the way side where all the other good intentions go. This time, I have everything! I got the swoon pattern when it first came out and have been saving the Anna Marie Horner good folks fat 1/4's for something special. Quick trip to my local spotty and I'm ready!

I'm really happy with the grey solid from spotlight. Not to dark and not too light. It's part of their prima solid range, colour is called 'iron'. What do you think? Will work yes? xox

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Liam's Mummy said...

I think the grey will be really good - it will bring out the colours in the AMH. I really like the swoon pattern. Looks like fun :)

rachelmp said...

I'm so tempted by this one as a stash buster. I love your fabrics

Copper Patch said...

It's gonna be ace! I read on the Flickr that you've gotta do v careful cutting with the fat quarters. Looking forward to starting AND FINISHING this one.

Tanya said...

gorgeous-just saw you finished block in google reader and popped over to comment and it's not here- but love the colours and the grey is unreal. I love grey. xx

PurpleMum said...

Yes! It works. Good choice for a background, it's really going to make those lovely fabrics sing. Thanks for popping by my Blog, it's really nice to 'meet' you. I will enjoy swooning along with you!!