Thursday, August 20, 2009's where I'm up too

Making : nothing
Cooking : easy stuff like things that can be opened and heated
Reading : the time travellers wife
Wanting : to feel safe again
Looking : forward to the weekend
Playing : where did I put the car keys
Wasting : time
Sewing : sequins on things
Wishing : we hadn’t been robbed
Enjoying : my beautiful babies
Waiting : for husband to get home
Liking : catching up with friends
Wondering : why the hell we live in this place
Loving : my family and friends
Hoping : things will be normal again soon
Marvelling : at the resilience of children
Needing : time out
Smelling : something in the fridge that isn’t quite right
Wearing : no bra
Noticing : every mob of teenage kids wondering if they are the ones
Knowing : how loved I am
Thinking : about moving
Opening : emails
Feeling : violated

Yes we have been robbed this week. Computer, all my jewelry including my wedding rings, video camera and of course wine and beer in the fridge. Hubby, being the loving supportive husband he is, has already replaced the computer. And as for the sewing machines, all here, along with hubby's ac/dc tickets and a $900 cheque sitting next to the computer.....obviously illiterate criminals who should have been at frigging school instead of robbing me!!
Thanks Pip xox


Devan said...

Sorry to hear you got broken into. At least no one in your family was harmed in the process.

Glad to see the most important possession was ok, the AC/DC tickets! We have booked to see them in Sydney next year too!

Anyhow, hope the smell in the fridge isn't from a bar of chocolate going off for want of attention!


Julie said...

Oh no, thats just awful. I'm glad you are all OK and fingers crossed some of your things are found. You sound like you have a very loving husband. Take care and give everyone a feel better hug from me.

Catherine said...

Bianca I am so sorry to hear that you were robbed it is an awful feeling when you find this in your home. I am glad that you are all safe and well and time will make you feel safer, I know from experience. Take Care. Smiles Catherine xo

Vickie said...

Oh no Bianca-bloomin Palmo strikes again-thank goodness you and the kids are unharmed,the police from what I've heard and read are pretty good and tracking down Palmo thieves, so I'm praying a big prayer for you they are caught and justice done....obviously just after quick items mongrels..cheers Vickie
p.s. will spread the word around to some I know re the items stolen in case they hear of anything.

rachelmp said...

I hope you get the precious things back. Grrrr Bianca. Look after yourself and your family xx

ZippyZippy said...

Did they take your bra?
If not put it back on!
Keep smiling and sort that fridge out.

bee-abi said...

Sorry to hear that awefull news.
I thought i was having a bad day too but mine pales into insignificance. I'm glad that they did not take any sewing stash. Chin up Pip and i will pray for your family.

Kelly said...

Bianca, I am sorry to hear that you were robbed. Its such a violating feeling!! I hope you get some of your precious things back. Thinking of you x

Amanda said...

Oh my goodness. I am so sorry, I am glad to hear you guys are safe but that insecure feeling is never fun...

I hope your things turn up, especially the rings ((hugs))

Gillian aka Silly Gilly said...

Oh Bianca my stomach dropped a mile when I read you had been robbed. I'm so sorry to hear that has happened to you.
Make extra time this week to hug the kids and take some time for yourself. Don't let the thugs win by letting it get you too down. And big thumbs up for your husband. He knows how to treat a woman well!

Marilyn said...

Hey Bianca, I'm so sad that you've had this horrible experience! Hope you are all ok and that you're feeling more safe and loved than ever before. We are thinking of you all and sending BIG hugs (nit free) and lots of love xxx

Kate said...

That is awful - I'm sending hugs.

Nikki Cardigan said...

I've just read this and a week has passed since this post. I hope that you have been able to work things out and mostly, start feeling safe again. No one derserves to come into your house and your home without your permission.