Thursday, August 13, 2009

mummy made me do it!

Retro Mummy that is! And husband if you are reading this STOP NOW, it will only end in tears...

I'm sure you all know Corrie has re-opened her shop and I have been doing a little shopping....

My first ever Japanese craft books! Have had these for awhile now. Love love love them! Have yet to sew anything from them. Like Corrie said thou, lots of detailed instructions and there are more than a few I am confident I could do.

Sorry, I don't remember what this on is called, lovely bags, home wares etc. Love the slippers.

Love these little bags, think they will make cute little gifts for the girls friends..

and these too!

Cotton Time!
Heaps of lovely things in here. I asked Corrie what would be a good first Japanese craft book and this was one of her suggestions.

Can't wait to get stuck into this one, will need to do a few others pattern first, after all I don't read Japanese :P

See the little window in the back of the bag!! So so cute!

And this little guy....

and even umbrella's!

And these arrived this week! Aren't they the cutest!

Boy one is bursting at the seams for me to make something out of the patchwork fabric with trains on it, had to fight him off it so I could have a good look!

And these are from spotlight. Belinda posted about them awhile again in true Territory style they have just arrived and I now have my fix.

Husband, if you did read this it is your own fault and I'm not apologising, you were warned! xox


Danielle said...

They are so cute how could You not keep buyig more. I have my slackometer on and haven't pulled my sewing machine out since we left brissy..whoops

Julie said...

Very cute haul. Corrie's a very bad influence isn't she.

Tammy James said...

LOL, I see some familiar fabrics there and what a cute bundle of projects calling you!

Amanda said...

Oh I am so jealous...I would love to splurge on those fabrics and japanese craft books have certainly been calling to me. Too many things to make not enough time :)

Catherine said...

Love the fabrics and your pattern book, you'll be kept very busy.:)

Kate said...

Nice shopping!

ZippyZippy said...

OOOOOOHHHHHHH! I love those spots.
Missed them at spotlight down here.
Lots of insipation.

Corrie said...

it all looks so lovely! don't worry about your husband, my husband's PA reads my blog and reports back to him! its so shocking he had to tell her just to not gossip or tell people!!!!!

I bought all the polka dots too after I saw them on belinda's blog! we shop at the same SL so I see what she gets and vice versa!!!


Little Miss Moi said...

Damn japanese and it's damn hard writing. THis makes me wish i'd purchased a kanji dictionary and learned how to use it.

I do know that the book in the first picture has the word 'cute' written on it (kawaii).

Some help huh!

Renee said...

wow! what a great new stash of fabric!

And I love the warning to your husband!