Friday, August 28, 2009

....more tweaking and a giveaway

Miss 8 has a friend leaving school today so last night I thought I'd wip her up a pencil notebook thingy. Still not 100% happy. I like the brights and the wooden pencils. Little bit big. I have a tendency to over estimate. Getting there!

In unrelated news retro mummy is having a give away. Don't bother entering, lady luck is with me, only telling you all because I get another entry into the! xox


Tammy James said...

ROFL ... well I do wish you luck, but hope I win personally!
Love the colours and pencils in this one!

Danielle said...

How cute. I wish I had one for my pencils. its efs birthday next week and I am totally unmotivated to shop/sew :P

I havent checked in for a while and just read about the break in. I hope everybody is ok and life is getting back to normal xx

One Flew Over said...

Your notebook case looks wondeful! I tried my idea and needs LOTS of tweaking so for now, may just go with a traditional roll!!

Julie said...

Looks great. Great presents aren't they. The stripes look good and I like the wooden pencils too.

Melissa Goodsell said...

That's really adorable Bianca - and I love how each pocket holds two pencils.