Tuesday, September 1, 2009

hello spring!

Or for us up here hello hot sticky humid yuck before the wet sets in...

So how am I going so far. Well, I am 100% sure there is no more chocolate in the house, lets just say that. Have done really well with the others, fingers crossed it continues xx

Now with the organisation side of things. Julie has had an idea. Spring clean. 7 I don't what to do, been putting them off, wishing for the cleaning fairy jobs.

7 jobs in 7 days!

Are you up for it?

Mine are
1. Unpack the last of the stuff from our move
2. Clean the garage
3. Do a toy run and pack them all away, I swear they breed
4. Tidy and clean our bedroom (it is used as the dumping ground)
5. Get rid of the piles of paper from all around the house
6. Clean and tidy my desks - both of them.
7. Do an op shop run, heaps of piles though the house

Join us! It will be fun, well, when it is done it will be ;) xox


Amanda said...

Yay for spring cleaning, I swear I do it once a week lol...Good Luck with yours. I am planning on slowly starting a declutter cleaning in preparation for a move hopefully before Christmas...

Oh and dang you for posting a picture of a palm tree...I miss california even more now :P

Kerri said...

You have got me going. Now I do need to get heaps done. Hope to get it all done in 7 days. Thanks for the challenge. I had better get going and start.

Julie said...

Gooooo Bianca!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

7 in 7 sounds achievable - I might just start my own list.

ZippyZippy said...

You sound so motivated!
A Lady on a mission.
I will give you 7 jobs over 7 days at my house!

Chris said...

Thanks for your considerate and kind comment on my guest post @ Ms Banshee's blog. Hope that you get through the list! Good luck in organising the house. When finished feel free to visit Bansheeland!