Wednesday, September 9, 2009

a new friend

Hey. Will be back later to fill you in on all the craziness that has been going on around here, but I just couldn't help myself, you have to meet my new little friend

"le sproglette"

and her little friend "beedub"

I made "beedub" for her 1st birthday last week. "le Sproglette" and I have become great friends over the last few months. Her mum and I meet through our blogs. She has also turned out to be a great friend too ;) I real life imaginary friend!
"beedub" is of course made from dearfii's perle pattern and of course I couldn't stop at one...

For someone 1st birthday....xox


Little Miss Moi said...

Sheesh that bite on the sprog's head does look bad, no wonder you're bringing the bite cream tomorrow!

We all love Beedub!xx

Megs said...

So nice to see a recent pic of F (le sproglette)!! LMM is a bit slack at updating the photos! No offence B. She is so grown up now - where has that year gone. Happy Birthday to your little one too Bianca. Glad to hear you are looking after LMM up there. x

Tammy James said...

Love your fabric choices, lucky girls!

Amanda said...

So cute!!! Love the dolls you did a great job.

Megs said...

Well I went to school with Mr LMM and my husband worked with LMM many years ago, so that is how I met LMM (think she might have still been at school) and then years later we introduced them pretty much I think. And they have been pretty much together ever since. I miss LMM, and can't wait till the day that we both live in the same city again so our kids will grow up knowing each other.

Haven't even started on the challenge yet, although I think I know what I am going to make - actually I think I have seen you make them - a pencil roll/holder, been too busy with other things at the moment, and I have a market on the weekend, so once that is over I will feel better.

Anyway, lovely to chat to you :)