Tuesday, September 29, 2009

twirly twirly

Hi! How are you all these holidays?
Me, sick, but I just had to pop in and show you what I did on the weekend.

Sunday morning there was some talk on twitter about fabric, patterns and sewing, so we decided to have a little sew a twirly skirt alone. Tutorial from here. So easy....if you read the cutting requirement right. I didn't, cut 1 instead of 2 skirt panels. So a little unpicking and resewing later, they twirly!

And I couldn't stop there, made 2 Lazy Days skirts too. They are the easiest things I have ever made. Hour from start to finish. Too easy!

Fabric is from spotlight.

So thanks Mel, Tammy and to whoever else joined in. Let me know if you did so I can check you out!
Great fun! Who would have ever though twitter would be used for a cross country sew a long! I'm sure we will do it again soon xox

Edit : Jaki has made a Lazy Days skirt and has put a twirly skirt on her to do list! Pictures on twitter
Thanks Jaki for joining us too :)


Tammy James said...

We have crazy twirling going on here too... hope you are back to feeling better soon. T.x

jaki said...

I got a Lazy Days skirt finished on the weekend...and have bought some material for a twirly skirt :)
Definitely not showing my Miss 9 your photos though or I will get no peace until she can twirl too!! lol

I hope you are feeling better soon Bianca, not a nice way to start school hols :(

One Flew Over said...

Lovely skirts...the girls look very pleased!

Renee said...

the girls look pretty happy with those skirts - they look like great fun :)

Julie said...

That looks like fun! Very cute, they look quick and easy too, my kind of project.

rachelmp said...

Love them! There are just some really cute little girls patterns around at the moment. I've printed out the popover dress from Oliver and S and have some Make it Perfect patterns for Maya. I hope they turn out as cute as your skirts

Tracy said...

Nothing beats a twirly skirt! They look wonderful

Corrie said...

cute! love the twirly girls in your tropical garden....looks so lush and green, sigh!

really hope you're feeling better soon!


Gillian said...

Cute skirts - perfect for your climate. My daughter has many of these in her wardrobe.

Kelly said...

Gorgeous skirts...your girls look very happy in them...and love your tropical garden!! Hope you are feeling better soon :)

ecoMILF said...

i wish i had a girl to make one for! they look beautiful! get well soon, i'm in the same boat as you, it's all the weather ups and downs. Meagan.