Friday, April 16, 2010

something you should know

Note- I rambled a bit, so it you don't have time, just pop down the bottom and watch the clip. Please, it really is important, thanks :)

Home birth is about to become illegal in Australia. I can't even describe how mad that makes me! The thought of a family missing out on that experience seriously makes me weep.

You guys know me, I've been rambling on in this space for over a year now. You know I'm not some weirdo. I'm not a hairy hippie :P We are just a family that made an educated choice to have our last baby at home. The single greatest moment in my life! The most empowering, emotional, loving thing I could do for me, my body and my baby. Seriously.

I had been holding off on talking about this here, it is a happy crafty space (most of the time), but most of you are women and this is something that effects woman and their families. Even if you would never have a baby at home! I also really thought that it would all be over and that the government would amend the legislation and everyone could do back to having their babies the way they choose without fear of having the right and choice taken away. But I was wrong. I gave our government too much credit.

My understanding is this, and please let me know if I am mistaken, as of July 1 this year it will become illegal for independent midwives to practice midwifery with out insurance. Problem being that there is no insurance TO take out. Right now midwives work with families at their own risk with no insurance. Because they love what they do and families and midwives take that risk.

Why is this important? So few of us have our babies at home, why should the general population care about us? 

My body, my baby, my choice!

No one should ever EVER be force to have their baby somewhere they don't feel empowered, supported and safe. For some it is where their OB's and private hospitals. Some women birth centres, some women hospitals. It's their bodies, their babies, their choice. Just as I would never have a baby under the care of an OB others would never have their baby at home. We all have the power to inform ourselves and make education choices. No one has the right to take away that!

So please PLEASE watch this. And then talk about it! Send letters, post a link, tell the mums in play group, even just tell the lady at the checkout that you know some crazy lady in the NT that had her baby at home. People need to know this IS important. It's not about how you personally have your baby. It's about letting all women have the choice!

Thanks so much. I'll shut up now.

Oh and thanks Amy for sharing the link xox

Nicola Roxon, Minister for Health
Thanks Choo for the extra links and email address :)

And don't forget facebook, twitter and other social networking sites. There are plenty of groups and people out there and just talking about it or posting links helps people be more aware of what is going on!
Now I really will shut up lol! xox


Tanya said...

I knew this debate was on but I seriously can't believe that they are going to make home birth illegal. That sounds so odd to me.

Jenny said...

WOW! Don't they know what research says? That homebirth is actually safer than hospital birth? This makes me so angry b/c it's all about $$$ and nothing about the safety and desires of the mother! UGH... I am fuming for you right now!

Would you like to share your story on my blog? I would love to have you as a guest!

rachelmp said...

I'll check out what I can do to help. Not for me with complications but better to have a choice for others xx

Tracey said...

Bianca, do you know who we can direct emails/letter to about this?

Natalie said...

Bianca, You are an amazing woman and I admire your passion!

Choo said...

Hey Amy,

Nicola Roxon the Minister for Health.

Also See

Luv M

Liesl (Hoppo Bumpo) said...

Again, not a choice for me (two complicated pregnancies), but isn't someone forgetting that women have been having babies at home pretty much since er ... people have been able to build homes? You do have to wonder what changed about childbirth in 2010.

Posie Patchwork said...

You go girl!! Personally i had the best experience ever delivering 4 babies at Darwin Private, alas, i was built for making, keeping & having babies, but my first didn't want to come out, even at 41+ weeks, then i had twins & my 4th was breech until the last moment, so home birth wasn't an option, plus had i eye issues so pushing wasn't an option. I had to have an epidural for each delivery, fine by me, i'm a pharmacologist!! I had 4 very easy natural deliveries (even the breech) & that was perfect for me. But if you're all clear, why not have a baby at home, who's business is it anyway?? What are they going to do with the mummies who deliver quickly at home without time to go to hospital, are they doing something illegal?? Good on you Bianca, love Posie

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh i should update that to 'pushing for HOURS wasn't an option' i of course, had to push their heads & shoulders out, but it was so easy, no pain (epidural) or exhaustion. Love Posie

Copper Patch said...

Good on you B.
I'm not quite up to the whole babies thing (yet) but I'd like to think when the time comes I could do whatever felt right for me, not just what is insurable.
Looking forward to hearing your stories...
Ab xx

Corrie said...

cool, love the link and almost made me cry! So I need c/s's but don't take away a woman's choice! Oh my gosh if you made me go to my local public hospital to have a baby I wouldn't go, I'd stay home and refuse and be kicking and screaming. All the horror stories that come out of there, junior dr's doing c/s and leaving infected wounds, dirty pads and blood left in bathrooms before the next lady checks inm no air con during the middle of summer, epidural machines breaking down....ewwwwwwwww. It's all about choice and in a country as rich and developed as ours we should have the choice. It just shocks me that they would make it illegal! good on you for talking about it!

and yes I never put you in the hairy hippy camp!

Purple Paisley Patch said...

Good on you for rallying the troops BJ! I love a woman who isn't afraid to speak out for a cause she believes in!

Home birth wasn't for me, I'm too much of a worry wart, so wanted to be in the hospital in case things went wrong. As it turned out, my first was delivered by Caesarean because he had himself completely muddled (upside down and legs astride - we joked that he had his mother's sense of direction and his father's sense of humour). My daughter was much more sensible, but she was considered trial of scar, so they wouldn't even let me deliver her in the birthing suite - I was sooooo bummed about that, but ended up having an epidural, so all's well that ends well.

Anyway, that's my story, but I completely agree that every woman should be able to choose what is right for her and her baby. Childbirth has been going on at home for years and years, and I think midwives are much better at supporting mothers during childbirth than Obstetricians. I hardly saw the doctor during my second delivery, and that was fine by me.

As others have said, this decision is about $$$, and it should be about human rights! C'mon pollies, get it right for a change!

You go girl!

Kelly :-)

Miss Prudence said...

Our birthing stories are vital to our commencement of motherhood. We need to have a narrative and feel that WE gave BIRTH, not someone "delivered" it for us and to be grateful.....CHoice is so important in this era, it is was civilisation is now built upon.

Yes! We all need to speak up on this whether we are pro home birth / anti homebirth / pro medical invertention or anti etc....We are women, we are mothers and birthing is OUR business!

Go Bianca!

Nycole said...

Hi Bianca, thanks for all the links. We seriously over-medicalise birth in this country - it would actually save us so much $$ if we stopped treating birthing as a medical condition and supported both birthing centres and home births, which are completely valid options for so many women. Well done for getting this issue out there.