Thursday, September 30, 2010

a little trip :)

This week, the kids and I have had my brother and his girlfriend staying with us from down south. A knee reconstruction, followed by a bleed, clot and infection, and then another surgery couldn't stop him from coming!! Keen as I tell you.

We got back last night from 2 day whirl wind tour

First, Adelaide River....

Lunch and a quick swim at Edith Falls

Kangaroo watching at Nitniluk 

A very sleepless night in Nilmiluk on account of a quick, noisy, build up storm. Kids were terrified!

Next morning, time with my big girls :)

The 3 of us went on the Nitmik Dreaming cruise. 


Sacred sites

Amazing geology

My precious girls :)

Then, lunch at Pine Creek

Enterprise pit from the gold rush, mining ceased in the pit in 1995 (geologist wife, not historian!)

And lastly, a quick swim at Douglas springs

To cap off an amazing 'big rain' home!

I just love having visitors! Especially ones that love this big country as much as I do!
And next month.....another visitor is on their way!!!!! xox


Julie said...

Just stunning Bianca, I can see why you love it so much.

Jodie said...

Spectacular - and you get Ms patch to visit as well...You two together again -I'll keep my eyes on the news!

Kate said...

It sounds and looks like the most wonderful time Bianca! So ace that you had some time with your big gals. And Abbe is coming soon! Yay! I had no idea.

beck said...

Gorgeous photo's Bianca! I loved them all, especially your girls. It's great the way having visitors makes you look at your world in a different way, and appreciate the amazing things our country has to offer. How fun that Abbe is coming, you guys will have a ball! Enjoy x

Tracy said...

Bianca, You've made me so homesick with those photos! I've been that way many a time. I often went to Adelaide River as a friend was the principal at the school. Thanks for sharing the photos :) Can you take some of the Mindle beach markets? I miss them too and the sunsets..... Ok I don't miss the build up! ;)

Danielle said...

sigh. some of my all time favourite places :)