Friday, September 24, 2010

meet Jessica

Jessica is Miss 9's first Blythe doll!!

We are both over the moon with her. Although this photo doesn't really show that. More hurry up so I can open her mum kinda photo! 

So beautiful!

In the fire we lost all the girls baby dolls and accessories. So when the money come through they had a choice of replace them or choose a new doll. Miss 9 immediately screamed "BLYTHE PLEASE!" And she knew which one she wanted too, 'Urban Cowgirl'. 

Needless to say Miss 7 now wants one too! This is after she had a complete meltdown when Miss 9 showed her Jessica's eyes change! Totally freaked Miss 7 out! But she very quickly got over that and we were straight onto the computer looking for one for her. However she appears to have tastes like her mother.....expensive!

We are all looking forward to sewing for our new friend! First up, a quilt, of course :) xox


Mel said...

Awww, she's so cute :)

Vic said...

Gorgeous! Punk luffs her Blythe (Milky Way Sugar), and my girls are gorgeous, if neglected (Nostalgic Pop & Love Mission), can't wait to see what you guys make for her!

Copper Patch said...

My what big eyes you have Miss Jessica!

Posie Patchwork said...

You're telling me 9y.o. have expensive taste, check my blog to see what my middle girl took to school today!! Casual clothes, um, she's in a world of her own.
Lovely to meet Jessica, i love a good cowgirl look, love Posie

Corrie said...

oh my gosh! I so didn't need that link!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow!

I want this one for keira now


Cass said...

She looks lovely. I can't wait to get ours now, oops I mean Charlotte's!