Friday, January 7, 2011

'HAPPY *belated* NEW YEAR!!'

And Merry Christmas too lol!

Hope you all have had a wonderful festive season. We had a fantastic top end Christmas :)
Just quietly, I was very happy to see the end of 2010. Has been one of our hardest years. Fire and all. Funny though.....even though we really did struggle as a family....there was a few things that were totally awesome in 2010. 3 words really. Sew It Together.

Friendships that started on line were cemented at Sew It. Even involved visitors! First, Abbe and then this mob....

(one camera shy dearfii missing!)

DearFii and co have just left after 10 days crazy wonderful days!!!

Sewing, swimming, eating, touring plus some nasty sunburn and a few crocs! Loads of laughs. And wonderful memories. More photos to come. But for now. SLEEP! lol! xox


clare's craftroom said...

Happy belated new year to you too !

Cass said...

It's awesome when the online friends become real life ones. Sound like you had an awesome time with the Dear Fii's

Anonymous said...

it's going to be so quiet at your house! it was just lovely to see you all, thanks for your visit. see ya soon.


nikkishell said...

Yay! Happy new year!

melissa said...

Well, Happy New Year to you too! Hope to catch up soon xx

Andi said...

And many merry happies to you too!!

Corrie said...

HAAPY NEW YEAR!!!! missed having you online but what a gorgeous family! so good lookin'!

can't wait to have you guys here for sit this year