Thursday, March 24, 2011

my creative space

Today. Sewing on binding. Mel made the top and I helped quilt and bind it. I like hand sewing the binding on. It gives me time to think. Currently my head space is a bit like this.....

When will "they" find the magic pill to make fat go away?

If I diet really well for a week, why cant I just wake up skinny?

What IS for tea?

Why is mental illness still so taboo?

If I was diagnosed with any other illness I would have blogged about it already instead of sitting on it for a fortnight. Why is that?

Do people care about other peoples shit or is it nice to live in a blogtopia where everything is shiny and nice?

I do like shiny. 

Is it my new meds making me feel sick or am I acually starting to get sick?

I don't have time to be sick.

Mel's sick.

I could make her some soup but it's still too hot here for that.

When IS dry season going to start??

I really am sick of the rain.

Hope it doesn't rain tomorrow.

Tomorrow is my day off.

What can I do other than post stuff?

Hubby's last day in the office, should have lunch with him.....

......and on it goes ;)

Best I get back to binding before I make all your heads explode

Other not so mental spaces at Kirsty's


Anonymous said...

gawd, where do you get off asking so many bloody questions woman!! is it gay bear disease? just askin!


Alana said...

Hey love, I get it!!! Some days are good, some great, some shit! You will feel better I just know it xoxoxoxo Love!!

Tanya said...

my head is rather busy today, and many other days too. I like hand sewing a binding on too, yours might be all finished by now.
Shiny is nice, but real is also pretty great too (and expecially nice when they coexist!) xx

Posie Patchwork said...

Keep looking for those dragon flies Bianca, the Dry Season will be coming soon (you know, end of April, patience my monsoonal friend). I don't care what people blog about so long as it's honest, i'll read it. Enjoy your Friday off from parenting - i'm on my way to Sydney at 9a.m. but with all 4 in school for years now, kind of used to Fridays off, but this is a whole 2 days 1 night away in crafty mania, love Posie

Mel said...

I'll come back with more but I only just got out of my pj's to go and pick up the smalls from the bus. I just wanted to quickly say that I think you are awesome and I love all of shiny, sparkly you!

I wont blame your blog for making my head explode, it was already doing a pretty good job of that itself, meh, I hate being sick!!! xx

Jodie said...

Bianca, there are many many colours of mental and personally i like 'em all.

Corrie said...

hugs hugs hugs, you do such a great job managing the family solo! 4 kids can do your head in! and Oh my goodness so much is always going through my brain and it's crazy stuff!

soooo wish I could catch up with you this saturday;(

Kate said...

I hope the meds stop making you feel sick and hope you find the right meds for you. And I hope your head doesn't explode today!

sweet emmelie said...

I think mental is a horrible word mixed with illness. They need to come up with a better word because it's so much of the normal these days. Most people suffer from this in at least some time in their life's. So keep on trucking, you will feel better soon and yes I love hand sewing binding it's so relaxing and it's also the feeling of accomplishment mixed with completion!

Julie said...

My day off tomorrow too!
So great to have an insight into someone else's are making me feel normal. I feel like I have a non stop monologue along similar lines, going in my head too. I think that's why I like watching Offspring too. Hope you aren't getting sick and meds are just working themselves out. We do care about your "shit". Some big shiny noice kisses for you. XXXXXXXX

Copper Patch said...

It's cool, you're cool, sewing WILL make it better.
Our new mantra maybe?
I love you.
A xxx

melissa said...

I know who to call on when i need some hand stitched binding, not one of my favourite jobs! Hope you get your meds sorted and your not coming down with anything -yuck! lots of love xxx

ZippyZippy said...

Oooohh - your nails look nice today!
I care about your shit, shiny or corroded - does not matter to me, hope you are feeling better soon and getting sorted, enjoy tomorrow - relax - maybe squeeze in a "matinee" with the hubby :)
May be having a child free mother break in July!

anna said...

Oh Bianca - am feeling for you. You do so much and you juggle it all so well and you do come across as a veryshiny person, but there is no need to be so shiny all the time... You can be all rusty around us! Hope tomorrow is healing for you and hope to catch up with you again soon.

Taylor Made said...

Thanks for sharing honestly....quiet time can sometimes make the head sound noisy...but most of us are the same so you are in good company.

ingrid said...

I love hand sewing binding too. It is my favourite part of quilting.

Andi said...

Wishing you some shiny days among the dullish ones.
Andi x

Anonymous said...

In my experience, "mental illness" isn't taboo - though I've had my private online journal for 10 years and there's always some talk of other. Nearly everybody I know has "something" these days. It's best to talk about it - we are all human, after all... and you never know, you might just be helping somebody by just talking about your own issues. So yes, I do care about the shit. :)

Look forward to seeing you soon.


Peta @ Pippiwillow said...

I soooooo get it..... my last post (a month ago) I let it out, still sort of kept it nice though - Do we keep it all 'nice' in blogland b/c it's form of escape & dont need to remind others or ourselves of the shitty servings we get from life's buffet sometimes? Or b/c we want to be viewed as 'having it all together'???? Anyway funny lady - I say let it out email it if you want to - there's a bunch of us down here in the highlands of Vic who are interested and care about the whole you. And having lived in Katherine NT for two NEVER stops raining in the wet....! Fuzzy hair and dampy clothes..mmnice. cheers. P xo

Anonymous said...

I care about your shit!

And I love handsewing a binding. i am doing that right now. It's a delightful way to finish off all the hard work that has gone into the quilt.

Hope you are feeling better since you write this post.