Sunday, March 6, 2011

sunday stash #5

Echino. How I love the :)

I have started a little collection of echino's just for the boy.

Of course it includes the cars. I love the cars! They are one of my all time favorite.

I have told him the once he sleeps in his own bed he can have is own quilt. We are co-sleepers here. But funnily enough, only 2 of the 4 did. The middle 2. So we had a baby and a toddler with us for 4 months! Baby was happy in the cot so stayed there while the boy stayed with us. FINALLY at 4 1/2 has decided he is cool to sleep by himself.
Almost baby years free!! Only one left to toilet train.

But I digress. This is about fabric. Not really sure yet what to do....was thinking wonky square blocks but last night while pinning I remember how much I love these from Film in the fridge. Considering when I took out the fabric to photo the boy one ask if I was making his quilt, then 3 hours later asked if was finished, thinking quick and easy. Or my ears might bleed from the nagging ;)

Oh how I love echino :) xox


Julie said...

Perfect boy prints. I'm overdue to make my little man something new and a bit more grown up than what he has.

Andi said...

I can see why you and Annie are getting along so well.
Andi x