Friday, March 4, 2011


Or thank goodness its Friday!! First week on my own with the kidlets in 4 months. Just quietly, bloody hard work. But we survived. And that is awesome ;)

One good thing about the man being away. I dont have to clean his end of the table ;)

Whipped these up last night for my gorgeous friend the cake maker. They are heading south for a holiday and she wanted a zipper big enough for all her boys drawing stuff (and their drawing wraps made by me).

This weekends sew will include finishing Dotty Spotty and making a bag for a birthday party we have on Sunday. Also have a mountain for house work to do...just so you know I'm not a superwoman, 2 baskets of washing overflowing all over the lounge room! I, my dear friends, am not perfect and would rather sew or read a book with my kids than clean.....keeping it real ;)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xox

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Anonymous said...

I too would choose craft or time spent with my family over housework any day :)

Love those zippered bags you made..they're awesome!

Julie said...

mmm, would I rather look at my man or a pile of the latest fabrics at the end of the dinner table, tough call.

Bonnie said...

I'm with you, I would much rather craft, play with kiddos or read when they are napping than clean! We are going for the 'lived in' look around here! ; )