Tuesday, June 9, 2009

working my *beep* off

I'm back! Moved and almost unpacked. *sigh* Not moving again for a very long time. 

Funny story, went though the drive though the other day and I got myself an ice cream and not the kids, little miss 5 started to whinge and little miss 8 said "Hey, mum has been working her ass off, she can have an ice cream if she wants!" Oops, do you think I have been saying that much?! Never! I'm a perfect roll model for my children ;)

Moving is the second most horrid thing you can knowingly do to yourself, first is getting pregnant. Remind me if I want to do either again.

This does make it all worth it though. Did I mention we now have a pool?? I took this from the kitchen window while the kids had breakfast. I know, very lucky!!

In the craziness of moving we did take Flat Stanly here.

Must keep unpacking. Mum and sister are here from down south next Friday!! So excited!! xox


sweet emmelie said...

I've just moved too, a couple of weeks ago and I still haven't unpacked everything or set things up, every time I'm sorting things my little ones are behind me are unsorting. I tell you this moving thing sucks and I totally agree with the pregnancy thing. I had a chuckle at that.

Tracy said...

You're making my homesick for the NT! It's freezing down here ;)

Anonymous said...

Dear Bianca. Congrats on surviving. I don'tt know how you did it. The pool looks fantastic - our apartment block has a pool but it's like, five levels down and I haven't been bothered to get down there yet ;)

Bron said...

I'm just wondering - did you "post" breakfast out to the kids? Or did you actually walk outside to serve it?!! Got to love a servery out the window!!! Haha - good to see M has the right idea - Mum is allowed to treat herself if she damn well wants to!
You girl :)!

rousabout studio said...

Got my chrissy gift yesterday, thanks SO much..will post a picture once I put it together...Say hi to the kidlets..

Julia said...

Moving absolutely sucks the big one...but your new digs look lovely. Breakfast outside with a pool view - very, very lucky. And no crumbs inside! Everybody wins.