Thursday, December 3, 2009

my (un)creative space

Not much creativeness hanging out here today. Not even a pile of love new fabrics can get me going.
See hubby went to work last Monday for his 12 day stint and within hours of him leaving, I had sick kids. First one, then two and now 3. Nasty colds, thank goodness, not the gastro Miss D had last week. Still, at this time of year, it sucks. And having hubby work away the way he does, sucks. And I have four kids and somedays that sucks too. Not the kids, the work in caring for them ;)

So here is my real creative space, no blog ready, just reality...

Sitting at the kitchen table, drinking tea, hanging out online. While there is a mountain of washing to folded and put away, table to clear and tidying to be done. Yes the remote is on the table as the telly is just out of shot, so I can change for ABC2 to DVD's a boy ones command.
And up the back is my sewing machine, hiding behind all that crap.

So there, the uncreative ugly truth of my space this week
Other much more creative and interesting spaces over here xox


Corrie said...

oh I hear you! hubby goes away and I get 2 with runny noses, teeth coming through and the crankies! I thought well at least they'll go to bed at 6pm exhausted, wrong corrie wrong 9.10 to be exact and up at 5.45am!!!!! Now I realised I've got to drag all the bins out tonight too

I don't know how you do it for so long, 3 days and I'm over it but 12 would be pushing it! you're a good mum and a good wife!!!!!!!

I think some chocolate would be well deserved this week!

Nikki Cardigan said...

Yeah, boo hoo for sick kids and double boo hoo for being on your own with sick kids.

As for your uncreative space, it looks familiar and the good news is that it is retrievable. Creativity will return. Hang in there.

One Flew Over said...

Gotta love REALITY!

Amanda said...

Hope the little ones are better soon. That is just not fair, sometimes I want the man's job, ya know?

Hope you find some "you" time...Mine has been at 1am in the shower lately haha..

Kirsty said...

Hope you're all better very soon & you're back on the machine.

jenny said...

I just found your blog and love it. I love to sew and love to read the blogs of others who sew (most better then myself!). Inspiring!