Wednesday, December 2, 2009

On the first day of Christmas... true love gave to me, a boy who likes to climb trees!
Well, by the time I post this is will be the second day, so just ignore the date on the post :P

So after a bit of tweeting on Monday, I decided at, like 4 in the afternoon, that we really should have a handmade advent calender. Crazy right?! So I jumped on the net, went to whip up, searched and saw this post. I really really wanted to make a garland with little bags or stocking but that just wasn't going to happen this year. Instead I decided to make a paper cone garland! Inspiration came from here.

And here is how The Wood Family made a paper cone advent garland!

Take 2 very eager and excited girls and a box of art work. Recycling is always good!

Add in a brother and lets start to write out numbers.

Meanwhile mum is rolling the 24 cones!

Cut out all the lovely numbers and stick them to the cones.

Line them all up and make sure we didn't miss any.
Then punch holes in them, thread with string, hang on the wall and fill with threats...
Well, turns out, I can't hang them up on my own!!  Miss 8 and I tried to stick and blu tack but no. Needs magic sticky on hooks and hubby to help. So we will have to wait until the weekend to hang them. But they are done!! We did it!! Woohoo!!
So as soon as they are up, I'll post pictures, promise! xox


Amanda said...

Perfect!!!! Your still on time in my world :P

Tammy James said...

Great creativity and use of resources Bianca! I can't wait to see them up!

jaki said...

I love Christmas crafting with the kids :)

sophie said...

hooray for you guys, we are just plain slack here!! Thanks for sharing the idea!

ZippyZippy said...

Well done girls & boy!
Looks great

Leah (mummy made it) said...

I know this isn't about your wraps!! But they are so awesome, you have done them in such cute fabrics too! Nice blog too! x

Tracey said...

looks like the kids had fun making this. love the recyled pictures too.