Friday, December 18, 2009

handmade christmas

Hi there! How's the shopping going?! Me. Not finished, shopping or making!! But here are a some of the handmade lovelies that will be given this year :)


These are from the lovely Lisa from the princess and the monkey. We did a swap and I love it them! Can't wait for Mr. 3 to unwrap it. Awesome idea!

Also from Lisa. Brought a set for family friends. Fantastic idea for a family present!

From super Susie of Flower Press. Susie even wrapped it, wrote on a card and posted it to my mum!! How totally awesome is that!! Beautiful!!

AuntyCookie ABC for blockage

These are so awesome!! Better then I imagined!! I got a custom set for Mr. 3 with his name on them. Love them. Seriously love them!

ABC Panels RED

And this is matchy matchy to the blocks and WILL be a cushion before Christmas. Of course it's from Aunty Cookie :)

Image of Hair pin set 1

Image of Rings - Fuchsia pink or pale pink

All from beautiful Belinda at tuttifruiti designs! The big girls are getting a ring, hair pins and hair clip tidy each. I'm getting a pair of earings :) So cute!

the sewing continues

Miss 1 and Miss 6 are getting Christmas dresses from my new BFF Corrie ;) And I'm, well, getting some more fabric!

Image of {Rainbow} pincushion brooch

For ME!! The delightful Miss Fii even wrapped it for me :)

So that's it so far. I don't think santa took the handmade pledge! Just as well really ;)
Still have 6 cushions, 2 sets of Christmas buntings and a table runner...think that's it. Oh and 5 more wraps! But don't tell hubby, told him I was done for the year shhhhhhh! xox


Tammy James said...

Yummy yummy yummy! Love the card wrap and the pin cushion and you just reminded me I was going to make on of those hair clip tidies ... May be if I pledge handmade now for next Christmas I'd have it all ready in time

Lisa said...

Good handmade shopping! We have some of the same things on our Christmas list:-) Love the Cookie panels, I so want a cushion made with one of them, already got the Cookie blocks for Mr 2's bday (love), bought the same ring in a pale pink for Miss 4's Xmas and well we have oodles of the top three hanging around of course :-)

Meagan @ecoMILF said...

i adore that car wrap! i know exactly what my little one is getting for his birthday now! looks like you're well on your way to handmade happiness xo m.

Kathryn - MamaBoo said...

The car wrap is adorable!!

Corrie said...

hope it arrives soon! sorry my giftwrapping consisted of the 'shove it in the satchel while entertaining the twins in the post office queue and promising donuts' kind of wrapping! very special!!!!


Tracey said...

super chic homemade loveliness.
hope you all have a fabulous xmas xox

CurlyPops said...

Wowee! Talk about shop til you drop. Thats quite a fantastic haul.

Jenny said...

I love that car wrap...wonder how I could make it for trains (my son's obsession).

Kelly said...

Wow I love your handmade haul..I bet the recipients love their pressies :)

Megs said...

Hey Bianca,

Thanks for your comment as usual, it's lovely to hear from you. I also ordered some of those beautiful for tea towels for my Mum and sister and they got there so quick! Yes, the lunch sacks are me, I'm so glad you liked them! I just wipe them clean, but I will do a test in the machine and see how it goes, I am thinking no - but it might work on cold and on a gentle cycle. Will get back to you on that one. Got a few more colours and patterns as well that I will try to load in the next week or so - depends how much I can get done!
Anyway, have a lovely christmas, and no doubt I will speak to you in the new year. xx

Babs said...

Lovely gifts, better then what I get here all the time, box of chocolates or a bottle of wine

posiepatchwork said...

Wow you did do some awesome on line shopping from Darwin - 'twas how i rolled when living up there. Love Posie