Wednesday, October 13, 2010

blog friends

Yes. I made more blogland friends into too real life ones!

A few weeks ago I meet up with Kirsty and Melissa. Sisters in stitching and in real life.
Melissa has a lovely home full of wonderful hand made things

Including these lovelies

Isn't Melissa clever!? So gorgeous!

We had a lovely home grown lunch. It was so wonderful to share time with ladies that sew and craft. There is soming super special about crafty bloggers don't you think?!

I'm so excited that these two lovely ladies are coming to my house tomorrow for lunch! Yay! Although I can guarantee that there will be no made beds and clean rooms.


Sophie {Red Dust Love} said...

Good on you! I read a reference today that referred to meeting bloggers as "like online dating", it made me laugh! I'm hoping to meet a few myself at the aussie bloggers conference next year if I can manage to get there somehow!?....

Anonymous said...

good! i love a gal who just is who she is and doesn't make a big fuss. made beds or not here we come.


melissa said...

Hey Bianca, Love the photos, its good to remember what my houe looks like when its tidy! It hasnt been like that since , i can assure you! Looking forward to catching up again x

Ruby Star said...

Gorgeous stuff. And how awesome to meet real life crafty bloggers :)