Friday, October 15, 2010

swap follow up

Good news! My DQS9 made it safe and sound! Yay!
Pop over here to see it!!

I have also received my Urban home goods swap. Actually, I received it weeks ago but haven't had the chance to blog it ;)

I love it all! So lucky!!

Sewing machine cover :)

Super sized pin cushion and dish cloth

And also 4 coasters which I forgot to get a photo of lol! I try and remember to do it later.

Thanks to all the swap organises. It is so lovely to be apart of these swaps. Really lovely community feel about it :)
oh and 2 more sleeps until my visitor is here!!!!! WOOOHOOOOO!!! xox


Anonymous said...

goodness me, such vibrant gorgeousness everywhere. love all your goodies. have a wonderful weekend Bianca.


Copper Patch said...

Who is it? Who who who? Oh. Me!!!!
About to start packing just as soon as the cat and I have had some more quality patting time. Nice swap goodies.
See you soon..........
Ab x

Bron from 'bee loved by Bron' said...

I just love your swapsie goodness... I bet you're glad with the effort you put into the quilt when it is hanging in such a great place - looks fabulous.
BTW, Thomas in 'Misty Island Rescue' provides an excellent sewing opportunity. It's kept the boys entertained in that Friday after school nightmare timeslot! Have a FABULOUS weekend, I hope you have lots and lots of fun, and enjoy all types of sewing goodness together... very jealous... wish it was me visiting... xxx

trash said...

I am not even a little bit jealous about your visitor. Nope. Nor about your lovely warmy tropial weather. Nope again. No bitterness or such here let me tell you. That might simply be because the bitterness cannot find its way to my heart through the three warm tops I am currently sport in an effort to stop feeling so BLOODY cold!