Monday, January 11, 2010

best . santa . present . ever

I'm sure if Santa could hear that he would be very pleased with himself. I know I would be ;)

Miss now 9!! Yes 9!! Where did that time go?! Anyway, she loves her new Lego :)

 The front porch, it even has a light. Love the little tiles.

A pond with a duck and even a pizza oven

Out the back there is even a tap!

Looking, looking....

...oh there he is! A little man visiting from one of Dad's old Lego sets!

For anyone that is interested this is the set Miss 9 got.

I see much much more Lego in this house! xox


Lisa said...

We got Lego from Santa this year too... and the LOVE it! Cant wait to get into the houses when the kids are a little older

ZippyZippy said...

What a fantastic little house!

The Everyday Mum said...

Lego is the best! Such a great time waster and they feel such an achievement when its done. We still have two huge projects to make but I'm trying to spread them out over the holidays!

Amanda said...

How fun!!!! Yep definitely see a lot more legos in your future :)

Posie Patchwork said...

We're Lego maniac here. I kept all my childhood Lego & combined with what my 4 have amassed, it's ace. It certainly keeps them very quiet & the skills they develope, brilliant. Love Posie

Corrie said...

soooo cute! we love lego here but oh I just hate finding the little pieces everywhere!!!!!! I can't wait till keira can get some big girl lego sets!

My sister and I used to have the castle and it was a monster of a lego set with a drawbridge and everything!!!!!!!


Tanya said...

That is such a great Lego set. We are also having a lot of lego 9 year old play. More of a rediscovery and more semi trailer type things in our household!! I love lego